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GravemaidensThe Start Of A Fierce Fantasy Duology About Three Maidens Who Are Chosen For Their Land S Greatest Honorand One Girl Determined To Save Her Sister From The Grave In The Walled City State Of Alu, Kammani Wants Nothing Than To Become The Accomplished Healer Her Father Used To Be Before Her Family Was Cast Out Of Their Privileged Life In Shame When Alu S Ruler Falls Deathly Ill, Kammani S Beautiful Little Sister, Nanaea, Is Chosen As One Of Three Sacred Maidens To Join Him In The Afterlife It S An Honor A Tradition And Nanaea Believes It Is Her Chance To Live An Even Grander Life Than The One That Was Stolen From Her But Kammani Sees The Selection For What It Really Is A Death Sentence.Desperate To Save Her Sister, Kammani Schemes Her Way Into The Palace To Heal The Ruler There She Discovers Danger Lurking In The Sand Stone Corridors Than She Could Have Ever Imagined And That Her Own Life And Heart Are At Stake But Kammani Will Stop At Nothing To Dig Up The Palace S Buried Secrets Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything Including Herself.

!!> Read ➹ Gravemaidens ➼ Author Kelly Coon – Playutopia.us
  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • Gravemaidens
  • Kelly Coon
  • English
  • 03 July 2017
  • 9780525647829

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    Wow There were some evil bastards in this book with some graphic violence But all is well my peeps, you can skim over those little portions I, myself would like to set fire to those evil beings but that is neither here nor there I love this freaking book and can we take a moment to love that cover I can t wait to have the finished copy in my hands AnywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyAt times you do want to smack some people, including the main character, but that happens Kammani is the MC in this book and she s a healer K has studied under her father who is said to be the best healer in the whole place But things happened and he isn t any Kammani s best friend is Iltani and I loved her so much She s fun, spunky and does whatever she has to help her friends We also have Dagan, well I fell right in love with him I wanted to smack Kammani for putting him off so much He s a big love muffin and I well. anyway, moving away from there They have this creepy arse ceremony that they put three beautiful girls in with some royal jerk when he dies Yeah, I know right I won t say anything else about that because of spoilers Kammni s sister is chosen to be one of the maidens Her sister is thrilled because she is dumb Kammni on the other hand tries to find a way to get her sister out of this horrible fate K ends up trying to save the king dude so that she can save her sister K finds out all kinds of evil things are going on and thus chaos ensues I thought the book was well written, had a great cast, and I m looking forward to the second book Gravemaidens is said to be a duology so it won t have that second book syndrome and will hopefully end well for all of those involved Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for a copy of this book for review Happy Reading Mel MY BLOG

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestSo, at first I was like , but then I was like , and then I was like , but then I was like , with a little bit of , and when I went to write my review I was like Basically, the evolution of my disappointment with GRAVEMAIDENS It promised me something dark and dangerous, and ended up being just another book in the long litany of the Basic Girl Fantasy canon contains very mild spoilers GRAVEMAIDENS is set in a world that seems to draw inspiration from Ancient Egypt Ancient Sumerian society Kammani, the main character, is a healer Her parents are both dead and her family is in disgrace after her father failed to heal the royal son Now the king called a lugal is dying and Kammani is called in to save him virtually as the same time as her younger sister Nanaea is given the honor of becoming a Sacred Maiden, basically part of the king s death harem that will join him in the afterlife when he dies and yes, that means murder.Kammani has to save the king from dying and save her dumb younger sister from being ritualistically killed, but when she gets closer to the royal court she discovers all kinds of sneaky goings on that suggest that nothing is really as it seems Which sounds like it should be really good, right Nothing gets me hook, line, and sinker like a hot court intrigue novel, and if it s got scheming and murder and danger, so much the better.The problem is, well, several things I don t think the world was adequately developed, for one All the terms were very confusing and I didn t really get much context for what Kammani s world was like Except for some bursts of startling violence that seemed to be there to show some stakes, everything was very bland Second, the way the characters all talked was very modern and didn t really fit in with the Ancient Society vibe this book had going on Third, Kammani was a totally repulsive little twit So much whining She s one of those characters who s beautiful but doesn t know it and claims to be so smart but makes all the dumb mistakes Minor spoiler, but for a character who is supposed to know ALL the plants and remedies, she doesn t know poison when she sees it As the French say, Quel dumbage None of the other characters were that much better Nanaea was also annoying, and since Kammani is supposed to be involved in this to save her, it felt extra unbelievable because there was literally no lost love between them None Every time the two of them were together, they were fighting Somebody didn t get the character world building memo.I think GRAVEMAIDENS had a good initial concept but it just ended up feeling too derivative, reminiscent of books that had similar concepts but did it better I pushed myself to the end because I was hoping for a twist that might end up saving the book, but it ended up being a convoluted mess that felt like a stretch and really tested some of the character development we d seen so far especially what she did with two in particular, and their conveniently deteriorated mental states it didn t make ANY sense I m trying to keep this vague, because I don t want to spoil anything major for those who are still excited about reading the book, but if you get to the end I think you ll know EXACTLY what I m talking about This was a disappointment and from the sequel baiting at the end, there isn t a whole lot of closure here, either Yikes I m sorry to say it, but this was a huge disappointment Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 2 to 2.5 stars

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    3.5 stars.This is the kind of commercial fantasy that you read, enjoy and then completely forget about But I guess in this particular case I m not allowed to forget about it because there will be a second and final book that will wrap up the story and decide Kammani s fate once and for all.To be honest, this book made me hate the concept of duologies In some cases rare cases they work well and actually help deliver a good story without making the reader feel as though the entire book was cut in two with a sharp money maker knife Unfortunately, I felt the knife at work in this one But I was pretty entertained as well It s a fast paced fantasy that contains a mystery case, cute predictable romance and lots of tense but fun sisterly interactions Family is very important to Kammani although I did feel at times that her wish to have her sister close to her was selfish That she didn t want to be left alone than she didn t want Nanaea to go to the Netherworld die She was also very dramatic and always stressed out Her stress was justified but really I wanted to scream at her, CALM DOWN so many times Regardless, despite that or maybe because of it , I kept on reading, really interested to learn about the Netherworld and cheering Kammani on as she basically tried to bring a very important person down in order to save herself and her sister I don t like that this is a duology but I do like the writing, fast pacing, stressed out heroine and mystery component Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    3.5 rounded definitely up to four, are you all set to teleport yourself into a fairy tale meets fantasy meets historical romantic journey, if you nod passionately, stop staring with your mouth open and join this amazing j voyage because you feel hooked from the first pages and you don t want to put it down stars Raise your hands to clap because there is a new author in the literature town and we should welcome Kelly Coon with open arms Because we need good minds, creative genius brains and we really need good books to read Because our time is precious, our mind needs vivid journeys and our hearts needs warming feelings that only a heart embracing book can give The book is centered on Kammani s story who is a healer, lost both of her parents Her brother was given to another family with the ruler s order and now she is about to lose her only family member, her sister Nanaea who was chosen to be one of the sacred maidens will join the ruler in the afterlife.THE THINGS I LOVED Story pacing that captures your full concentration and attention, take your mind off from your daily stress and bring you to this fantasy land It was entertaining page turner make you want to know what s going to happen next.As a hero He actually seemed like a supporting character because there were too many women characters on this book which also made me happy DAGAN is honest, devoted, strong, carrying all the great attributes of best book boyfriend but sometimes I thought he acted like doormat of heroine DON T BLAME HIM BLAME THE HEROINE WHO DOESN T SHOW HIM THE RESPECT HE DESERVED And best of the best friend forever, amazing supporting character ILTANI unpredictable, bat shit crazy, amazingly loyal and supporting friend, sarcastic, witty and funny is completely my favorite character As you can see I wrote DAGAN and ILTANI s names in big letters, you can imagine how I loved them THE THINGS I HATE I want to yell at Kammani Why are you so stubborn and choosing unhappiness You re not carrying all the word s weight on your shoulders Cheer up Stop being serious and kiss Dagan And Nanaea, did you leave your brain cells at the coat room before entering this fantasy world She s so happy to be chosen as maiden She s going to be trapped in a tomb with dead body and die but she thinks this is honor Yeap, maybe before being a character of this book she watched too much episodes of Bachelor and lost the rest of her grey cells She just made some moves to Dagan even she knows her sister has feelings for him You broke the sister code, you bitch So I fantasized to punch on her spoiled brat face thousand times which made me smile Okay, not smile, evil laugh like Cardi B s Those two sisters really annoyed me but I mostly liked the writing, story development and pacing It s a good start for debut novel I didn t know it was duology before I started So I little disappointed because I have to wait for my second book to read the end of the characters story QUICK NOTE TO THE WRITER I loved Iltica too much and as a kind request I wish she has her own book after the ending of the duology This is such a passionate and vivid character I liked to read about her adventures.PS I hope in second book, Kammani gets her head out her ass and pay attention to Dagan s charms.SincerelyYour new fan who supports you to write new novels sooner than ever.NiluferSpecial thanks to Delacorte Press and NetGalley to provide me this beautiful ARC COPY in exchange my honest review.

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    All US and International pre orders can submit proof of purchase HERE to receive a special package including enamel pin, bookmark, laptop sticker, signed bookplate, and exclusive deleted scene.I think my 3 stars are a case of it s not the book, it s me I ve read SO many YA fantasies touting unique ideas that promise a different sort of heroine, and unfortunately I ve just read too many of these stories with the same basic girl dropped into a new setting I think there are so many readers who will love this one, and while there are a few scenes that may seem dark and disturbing, if you re a regular consumer of dark fiction this likely won t feel oppressive to you The author is one of the kindest, most sincere individuals I ve had the pleasure of chatting with, and I wish her all the success in this duology ARC received from the publisher via NetGalley.

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    Official comments A dark and utterly enthralling journey to an ancient land, Gravemaidens grabs you by your beating heart and refuses to let go until the bitter, breathtaking end.Unofficial comments FREAKING AMAZING I loved the cast of Gravemaidens so much, I m not even sure who I ship PLEASE JUST READ IT SO YOU CAN FANGIRL WITH ME

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    Thank you, Delacorte Press, for my ARC Truly appreciated.The premise of this sounds so intriguing to me Giving me Reign of the Fallen or We Set the Dark on Fire vibes

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    This one was a bit of a slow read and sometimes that works but it made it hard for me to connect to the plot I think my main frustration was how the MC was to the love interest Like not sure if there just should have been no romance Anyway, the cover is seriously beautiful and so is that title

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    I M GOING TO START THIS SOON AND I AM SO READY AHH pretty covers are my weaknessso are powerful womenanD MOTHSexciement levels through the roof Thank you so much to Random House and Netgalley for the digital review copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Like your historical fantasy thrilling and fast paced Set in a time period you ve been dying to immerse yourself in Full of compelling characters, including sinister villains and a strong heroine If so, read on GRAVEMAIDENS tells the story of Kammani, a healer s apprentice, who must use what skills and medicines she has to stop the king from dying and taking her little sister into the grave with him But when intrigue at the palace turns deadly, it will take all Kammani s strength, smarts, and ingenuity to save herself and her family Kelly Coon s atmospheric writing and lively dialogue will draw you into the story while the plot s exciting twists and turns will keep you turning pages until the very end.

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