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The Midwinter Witch (The Witch Boy, #3) The Acclaimed Graphic Novel World Of The Witch Boy And The Hidden Witch Comes To A Thrilling Conclusion In This Story Of Friendship, Family, And Finding Your True PowerMagic Has A Dark SideAster Always Looks Forward To The Midwinter Festival, A Reunion Of The Entire Vanissen Family That Includes Competitions In Witchery And Shapeshifting This Year, He S Especially Excited To Compete In The Annual Jolrun Tournament As A Witch He S Determined To Show Everyone That He S Proud Of Who He Is And What He S Learned, But He Knows It Won T Be Easy To Defy TraditionAriel Has Darker Things On Her Mind Than The Festival Like The Mysterious Witch Who S Been Visiting Her Dreams, Claiming To Know The Truth About Ariel S Past She Appreciates Everything The Vanissens Have Done For Her But Ariel Still Craves A Place Where She Truly BelongsThe Festival Is A Whirlwind Of Excitement And Activity, But For Aster And Ariel, Nothing Goes According To Plan When A Powerful And Sinister Force Invades The Reunion, Threatening To Destroy Everything The Young Witches Have Fought For, Can They Find The Courage To Fight It Together Or Will Dark Magic Tear Them Apart

[BOOKS] ⚡ The Midwinter Witch (The Witch Boy, #3)  ✯ Molly Ostertag – Playutopia.us
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • The Midwinter Witch (The Witch Boy, #3)
  • Molly Ostertag
  • English
  • 10 November 2017
  • 9781338540550

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    I was able to get a hold of an uncorrected proof of this book THANK YOU Ali Yeah, it s not in color, but I can wait for that But the story was a wonderful continuation with characterization and interesting twists for Aster and his friends The blurb on the book makes it feel like a conclusion, and while it could be an ending, I m really hoping it is not I really like these characters and I would LOVE to see stories as they grow, get older and advanced with their skills.

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    I love this story so much When I got this copy at BookCon I didn t know much about the series It s really just a lovely coming of age story about what family friendship maybe life in general can really mean to one person and something different to another Acceptance is the overall theme.

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    This sounds so perfect and soft and gentle but also COOL and MAGIC and POWER and I can only use bad grammar words to describe this series because it is GREATNESS and SWEET and KIND I love every aspect of Molly Ostertag s art, writing, humor, aesthetic, and love life Molelle Noelly is my real life OTP This series has meant so much to me, and I wish than anything I d had it when I was younger It s gentle queerness and endless kindness is something I ve never seen in all ages books, and especially not all ages graphic novels I will say, books like The Prince and the Dressmaker and comics like Lumberjanes are making this happen, but it s a slow process Anyhoo, I love you, Molly, thank you so much for your beautiful work, and I can t wait for this sure to be fantastic conclusion GOOD MAGIC KIND

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    kidlitexchange partner..I quickly read, yet thoroughly enjoyed this graphic novel by molly_ostertag Published by graphixbooksas part of scholasticinc and set to release Nov 5..The Midwinter Witch is book 3 in a series, but even though I hadn t yet read Book 1 or 2 when I received this one, I was able to dive right in and connect with characters The storyline is fast paced, yet easy to follow and the illustrations are beautiful..Aster is a boy that wants to break stereotypes to be able to study witchcraft And while this is a fantasy graphic novel, it is an exploration of gender norms stereotypes identities and being true to yourself, which makes the topic easy for all readers to consume and can lead to awesome classroom discussions.This book in the series also tackles family dynamics, friendships, and growing into yourself all wrapped up in a super fun magical competition I highly recommend this book..Now I can t wait to go back and read Books 1 and 2 for of the back story.Thanks to the kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book all opinions are my own kidlitexchangereviewer kidlitexchange teachersofig teachersfollowteachers teacherswhoread graphicnovel yareaders middleschool middleschoolreads

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    You you make me feel so soft It s the Midwinter Festival and Aster wants to enter the Jolrun tournament, a competition for witches shapeshifters He wants to be the first ever boy witch to enter win the tournament Meanwhile, Ariel s still trying to find her place This is the sweetest book in the three out so far With Ariel finding out what it truly means to be have a family and Aster still trying to establish his place as a witch, it gives it a great winter loving vibe The only negative thing about this book or whole series is that it feels like it s progressing slow but that s only because I m impatient and a redacted and just want and Thanks to my local library for an ARC

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    This series focuses around a gifted young man who has always been expected to be a shapeshifter but feels drawn to being a witch a profession that is only held by women in his community Aster has been moving forward in his goal and he hopes the big midwinter family gathering will be fun and enhance his magic I really loved the story elements that dealt with Aster s friends supporting him despite his trials The art is really beautiful and I like the diverse cast.

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    Thanks to the kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book all opinions are my own.I devoured this delightful middle grade graphic novel series Book 1 is THE WITCH BOY, book 2 is THE HIDDEN WITCH, and book 3, THE MIDWINTER WITCH RELEASES in November They are super quick reads, but very enjoyable for this picky graphic novel reader There are SO many things I love about this story Aster is so lovable, and he is an easy character to root for The plots are fast paced and exciting, and the world building is great none of it felt rushed or fake, despite the small page count The art is beautiful The addition of Ariel in book 2 is mysterious, and book 3 gives us so much great background on her character We also get to see Aster s extended family and learn about the exciting Jolrun competition Most importantly, however, is the fact that while this is a fantasy about a boy who wants to break stereotypes and be a witch, it s really an exploration of gender identity and being yourself in a way that is SUPER accesible and kid friendly Kids need these books I love everything about them Thanks to kidlitexchange for passing this book along to me

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    Yet another in the amazing Witch Boy series Love the gender reversal under current.

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    The best one yet.

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