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Uncle DynamiteThe Uncle In Question Is Frederick Altamount Cornwallis, Fifth Earl Of Ickenham, Better Known As Uncle Fred, An Old Boy Of Such A Sunny And Youthful Nature That Explosions Of Sweetness And Light Detonate All Around Him In The Course, It Must Be Said, Of A Plot That Involves Blackmail, Impersonation, Knock Out Drops, Stealing, Arrests And Potential Jewel Smuggling This Is Wodehouse At His Very Best, With Sundered Lovers, Explorers, Broke Publishers And Irascible Aristocrats All Eventually Yielding To The Magic, Ever So Slightly Unscrupulous Touch Of Uncle Fred It Is, As Richard Usborne Writes, A Brilliantly Sustained Rattle Of Word Perfect Dialogue And Narrative Topping A Very Complicated And Well Controlled Plot

[KINDLE] ❄ Uncle Dynamite ❦ P.G. Wodehouse – Playutopia.us
  • Paperback
  • 310 pages
  • Uncle Dynamite
  • P.G. Wodehouse
  • English
  • 15 May 2019
  • 9780099514084

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    Recipe for a Wodehouse Novel1 Take one English country house.2 Insert the following, stirring gently a Eccentric or curmudgeonly peer b devoted overbearing wife sister c a couple of sundered hearts and optional d domestic help with their own affairs of the heart Stir gently Bring to boil and set to simmer on low humour.3 Add situations for seasoning Lovers misunderstandings, pilferage in the night, midnight rambles through the shrubbery For the full list, maybe Jeeves can be consulted Too long to provide here 4 Insert key ingredient while the mixture simmers Bertie and Jeeves, Galahad Threepwood and Uncle Fred are the most commonly used ones Bring to boil.5 Garnish with grumpy village policemen and irate magistrates Serve hot BTW, this novel has a village cop named Harold Potter though he is never called Harry It also has a Hermione

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    It all begins innocently enough with a What, Ho and then before you know it everyone s up to their necks in the soup Uncle Dynamite is Uncle Fred and each of us ought to have an Uncle Fred in their lives He s the sort of energetic, well intentioned chap to stir up the pot, sometimes when the pot doesn t necessarily need stirring.To explain the plot I would need to twist your brain about six ways to Sunday and attach it to a Slinky, so it must suffice to say that hijinks abound in a heisty capery sort of way with a bit of the who s who, now and a whole lot of but, but I s There s Bonnie Babies to be avoided at all cost and love is in the airstifled air that s headed in the wrong direction With a well stocked set of grey matter quick on its feet, Uncle Fred s got a solution for everything That said, solutions often involve deceit and disguise But of course it s all a matter of perspective, and if you d only view it from the correct one you d see how it s all on the up and up and makes perfect sense For this volume of comedic mayhem, Wodehouse has employed his standard script and populated it with a few familiar faces It s not inventive genius in the literary line that you read Wodehouse for, but rather to gurgle up a good laugh or two as you follow the daffy mishaps of his parade of pranksters and paradigms of English aristocracy circa the early ish 20th century Besides the impossible ridiculousness of it all, Uncle Dynamite is also plentifully stocked with some of the absurd names the author s ever produced Frederick Altamont Cornwalis Twistleton, aka Lord Ickenham Reginald Pongo Twistleton Major Brabazon Plank Sir Aylmer Mugsy Bostock.And with that said, I m going to end my review rather abruptly, because why Because here comes the last period.

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    Good old Uncle Fred He s an interesting contrast to Jeeves Where Jeeves uses deduction and reasoning to get Bertie out of jams, Uncle Fred weaves tapestry upon tapestry of lies I m amazed how much mileage and how many laughs Wodehouse manages to wring out of the same basic plot time after time.

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    Possibly one of the funniest books I have ever read, or maybe, I was just in the right mood for this The genius of Wodehouse never fails to amaze me My husband suggested I read this as he laughed so hard while listening as he drove around town I was surprised to find myself laughing out loud too I will say it is hard to keep up with all the characters changing names almost Shakespearean.

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    Nothing is calculated to raise one s spirits faster than a large snifter of P.G Wodehouse with its English country houses full of lovelorn young men, old crocodiles with moustaches, determined but willowy young women, and the usual suspects The difference in Uncle Dynamite is the presence of an unstoppable force of nature one Frederick Altamont Cornwallis, fifth Earl of Ickenham.Uncle Dynamite is full to bursting with the usual stratagems and counter stratagems, all tending to getting the right young men attached to the right young women In the process, we are regaled with the author s splendiferous prose, as when Lord Ickenham has told Hermione Bostock why she should not be engaged to Reginald Pongo Twistleton In speaking of the dislike which high principled girls have for vipers, we omitted to mention that it becomes still pronounced when they discover that they use lipstick That the erstwhile idol of hers should have feet of clay was bad, but that in addition to those feet of clay he should have, at the other end, a mouth that needed touching up from time to time was the pay off People still speak of the great market crash of 1929, asking you with a shudder if you remember the way U.S Steel and Montgomery Ward hit the chutes during the month of October but in that celebrate devaluation of once gilt edged shares there was nothing comparable to the swift and dizzy descent at this moment of Twistleton Preferred.I do not recall at this ntime exactly how many Wodehouses I have read to cheer me up, but I am sure the number approaches two score And I m nowhere near done with the man.

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    One of the best PG Wodehouse books I ve read listened to I like Uncle Fred even better than Jeeves and Wooster.

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    This title, delightfully read by Jonathan Cecil, will have you in stitches There are few writers alive today who can match Wodehouse in his artful use of the language Every line has some delightful pun or play on words, at least to my mental retina Describing one of the Wodehouse plots is always dangerous, but here goes Bill Oakshot, returning from a sojourn in Brazil, meets Lord Ickenham Uncle Freddy on the train home, where he hopes to announce his love for Hermione Unfortunately, Lord Ickenham inadvertently reveals that Hermione is engaged to Pongo Reginald Twistleton , an old friend Distraught, Bill fails to disembark at his destination, where he is embarrassed to see that Hermione s father, Lord Bostock, has a substantial welcoming committee mostly local boy scouts to provide a formal welcome home Pongo, in the meantime, trying to ingratiate himself with Lord Bostock, manages to break one of the lord s African curios He seeks Uncle Freddy s assistance and they conspire Freddy is delighted, always looking for an excuse to run to London for some nefarious activities while his wife is away in the West Indies Jamaica asks Pongo No, she went of her own accord, is Freddy s reply Anyway, in London they borrow a bust to replace the broken one Lord Bostock being nearsighted anyway from Sally, an American acquaintance who is miffed at Pongo because he refused to help her smuggle diamonds into the United States for her friend Alice Of course, they pick the wrong bust, the one having the diamonds secreted in the plaster head, and now must retrieve it from Lord Elmer s In the meantime, Harold Potter, the local constable, has the hots for Lord Bostock s maid, Emily Bean He catches Sally and the others trying to sneak into Lord Bostock s house, where they have actually been invited under an assumed name It all has to do with the bonnie baby contest you have to be there In any case, Potter thinks the two men are impostors because he recognizes them from his scrapbook of arrests when he was in London and arrested them at the dog track, where they had the presence of mind to avoid embarrassing repercussions by identifying themselves under aliases He also says he must know Major Plank the new name Uncle Freddy has assumed because he went to school with him, but thinking quickly Freddy is enjoying all this immensely Freddy reveals the constable must be thinking of Berstrom Plank the major he is Berstrom Plank the miner It can be very confusing all these major and miners Bill, in the meantime, is mad at Pongo because he saw Pongo kissing Emily late in the evening, and as the unrequited lover of Hermione wants to make sure Pongo remains honorable It s all a mistake, of course, because Pongo is really beginning to fall in love with Sally, especially after it s revealed that Hermione likes to arise at six in the morning during the summer and no later than seven in the winter Good heavens

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    Constable Potter reporting the matter of someone pushing him into the duck pond I was assaulted by the duck pond, sir By the duck pond he Sir Aylmer Bostock echoed, his eyes widening Yes, sir How the devil can you be assaulted by a duck pond Constable Potter saw where the misunderstanding had arisen The English language is full of these pitfalls.A highly complicated plot, like as if it might have been a well cooked spaghetti Uncle Fred as usual lives upto the pure dynamite description of his by the thoughtful Crumpet The tale goes into that state of impending doom, when he jumps into action and saves the day spreading happiness and light in the halls of Ashenden Manor.

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    From boyhood up his hadbeen a gay and happy disposition, and in the evening of his life he still retained, together with a juvenile waistline, the bright enthusiasm and the fresh, unspoiled mental outlook of a slightly inebriated undergraduate.I absolutely adored watching darling Uncle Fred continue to spread sweetness and light by among other things impersonating an explorer, helping to smuggle some jewels, assisting in some breaking and entering, and dragging his poor nephew into yet another crazy scheme all in the name of helping the course of true love These books are hilarious, smart, witty, and you are guaranteed to be entertained from beginning to end

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    I love the Jeeves series better.

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