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My Parents Two Books In One In A Flip Dos Dos Format The Story Of Aleksandar Hemon S Parents Immigration From Sarajevo To Canada And A Book Of Short Memories Of The Author S Family, Friends, And Childhood In SarajevoIn My Parents, Aleksandar Hemon Tells The Story Of His Parents Immigration To Canada Of The Lives That Were Upended By The War In Bosnia And Siege Of Sarajevo And The New Lives His Parents Were Forced To Build As Ever With His Work, He Portrays Both The Perfect, Intimate Details His Mother S Lonely Upbringing, His Father S Fanatical Beekeeping And A Sweeping, Heartbreaking History Of His Native Country It Is A Story Full Of Many Hemons, Of Course His Parents, Sister, Uncles, Cousins And Also Of German Occupying Forces, Yugoslav Partisans, Royalist Serb Collaborators, Singing Ukrainians, And A Few Befuddled Canadians My Parents Is Hemon At His Very Best, Grounded In Stories Lovingly Polished By Retelling, But Making Them Exhilarating And Fresh In Writing, Summoning Unexpected Laughs In The Midst Of The Heartbreaking Narratives This Does Not Belong To You, Meanwhile, Is The Exhilarating, Freewheeling, Unabashedly Personal Companion To My Parents A Perfect Dose Of Hemon At His Most Dazzling And Untempered In A Series Of Beautifully Distilled Memories And Observations And Explosive, Hilarious, Poignant Miniatures Presented Dos Dos With My Parents, It Complements And Completes A Major Work From A Major Writer.In The Words Of Colum McCann, Aleksandar Hemon Is, Quite Frankly, The Greatest Writer Of Our Generation Hemon Has Never Been Better Than Here In These Pages And The Moment Has Never Been Ready For His Voice, Nor Has The World Ever Been In Need Of It.

!!> Epub ➤ My Parents  ➣ Author Aleksandar Hemon – Playutopia.us
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • My Parents
  • Aleksandar Hemon
  • 20 October 2019
  • 9780374217433

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    True history is always played out on a personal level Rtc

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    Aleksandar Hemon cements his reputation as among the finest writers worldwide with his compelling two part memoir My Parents An Introduction in tandem with This Does Not Belong to You He depicts his Ukrainian descended upbringing in the former Yugoslavian province of Bosnia as a socialist paradise Life as lived and expressed in music, food, storytelling and dozens of other ways was automatically deep with meaning and pleasure.Danger and even evil, however, shadow Hemon s recollection of the Sarajevo of his youth He looks back on his Bosnia much like Candide does his El Dorado They were utopias where one could not stay, whether because of choice in the case of El Dorado or compulsion due to civil war in the case of Sarajevo The lost paradise reaches beyond the externality of war Hemon s penetrating look at Sarajevo suggests it was a paradise with its own internal rot The bullies, gangs, thugs and perverts in the streets are as reptilian as anything that much larger urban dystopias could throw up The decay gets inside Hemon himself, as he expresses with his tongue probably in cheek his admiration for Bosnian thugs The Bosnian for catastrophe , katastrofa is a core experience of life, Hemon teaches, and he seems to believe it.The Yugoslavia of recollection is culturally rich in music, food and life in general I found myself underlining Hemon s pronouncements about literature Storytelling is not only not reporting, but the opposite ...

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    I love reading Aleksandar Hemon because his writing is so human, both in the specifics of individuals as well as in the way he depicts universal human conditions His recently published double memoir does not disappoint This exceptional memoir is broken into two parts one part covers his parents lives growing up in Bosnia and what it meant for them to be uprooted in their 50s and become refugees in Canada The way Hemon structures these stories with deep underlying humor and warmth we see not only the specifics of their lives and what they had to give up but how once they established themselves in Hamilton, Ontario the things that once made them feel part of a greater whole in Bosnia are the things which make them the other in Canada Hemon succeeds on multiple levels here On one level is the transformation in the lives of his parents being part of a generation who through the rise of socialism under Tito were given free college educations allowing them and others like them to rise quickly into the middle class Hemon looks past his own childish view of the boredom and predictability at the time to see what his parents saw in these opportunities On another level Hemon shares his detailed observations of his parents as they learn to adapt to their life in Canada Food plays a huge part in all of these memories and his description of his father at the all you can eat Chin...

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    I LOVED the first book in this two fer, My Parents Hemon has such a skill in all his work for relating what seem to be day to day, mundane routines to the horror of war, and that skill is applied to a heartfelt portrayal of his parents It also gives a decent amount of history to the Bosnian war, which lets me further appreciate his other work The second part, This Does Not Belong to You, is not quite my cup of tea I have a hard time seeing the connection or themes be...

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    Starred review from Kirkus.

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    4 My Parents gets 5 , This does not belong to you gets 3

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