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Cuba libre (Spanish edition) C Mo Una Banda De Guerrilleros Autoentrenados Derroc A Un Dictador Y Cambi La Historia Del Mundo Este Libro Describe C Mo Un Grupo De Revolucionarios, Muchos De Ellos J Venes Privilegiados Reci N Egresados De La Universidad, Especializados En Literatura Y J Venes Abogados, Se Transformaron En Guerrilleros De La Selva Y Derrotaron A 50.000 Soldados Profesionalmente Entrenados Y Equipados Para Derrocar Al Dictador Fulgencio Batista, Apoyado Por Estados Unidos.

[Reading] ➼ Cuba libre (Spanish edition)  By Tony Perrottet – Playutopia.us
  • ebook
  • 448 pages
  • Cuba libre (Spanish edition)
  • Tony Perrottet
  • 15 May 2019
  • 9781418597726

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    I was listening to Christopher Ryan s podcast with Tony Perrottet a couple weeks ago As it turned out, I was leaving for a vacation in Cuba in 3 days and really knew nothing of the country s history I figured this was a sign and I drove an hour to the nearest bookstore and picked up a copy of Cuba Libre That was the best decision I could have made This book is so captivating, I couldn t put it down I finished the book on the plane to Havana When I got to Cuba I saw the characters everywhere Castro, Che, Frank Pias, Camilo Cienfuegos This book gave me such an appreciation and understanding of their triumph and their heartbr...

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    I give very few 5 star reviews, but I found this book so exceptionally chronicled, while still reading like a non stop and breathtaking fictional account I had traveled to Cuba in January and was keen on gaining insight into the Cuban Revolution and its lead characters Growing up in Florida, I wis...

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    I knew nothing about the Cuban Revolution, and Perrottet made it such a beautifully romantic endeavor about students with an ideal Great read and it almost felt like short stories or essays Very easy to be enraptured in each tale

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    Here is the breathtaking, world shaking story of how a band of dreamers ousted a corrupt, venal, malignant despot This is a fast paced, entertaining and authoritative account, replete with larger than life characters, some heroic, others not so much Read at bookmanreader.blogspot.com.

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    A terrific piece of storytelling reveals a fascinating bit of history The book, which is written with the grace and fluidity of a novel, shines a light onto the characters and events that changed Cuba...

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    This is an extensively researched, well written account of the Cuban Revolution and the overthrow of Batista It is well written, reading like a novel than non fiction All of the main revolutionary characters are here as well as cameo appearances by some surprising individuals The roll of the US meddling in and attempts to control not only Cuba, but other Latin American countries...

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    I learned a lot from this book, including how fickle U.S audiences are, but I think its greatest lesson may be in the last paragraph I don t know why the U.S does not learn from its mistakes and continues to make decisions...

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    David and goliath.

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    An extremely entertaining history of the Cuban revolution that manages to avoid both American Imperial propaganda and reflexive leftist agitprop Lively, thorough and containing a truly excellent references and methodology section at the end, Mr Perrottet manages to convey just how much fun the revolut...

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    A GOOD BOOK THAT FALLS Short This book s strength is that it tells the story of the Cuban revolution, focusing on the small number of rebel s and the improbability of the Castro victory Although it is a good read, it is thin in my opinion The Gjelten book on the Bacardi family is a better tale of this era IMO Also, there are some editorial glitches th...

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