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Bud, Not BuddyIt S 1936, In Flint, Michigan Times May Be Hard, And Ten Year Old Bud May Be A Motherless Boy On The Run, But Bud S Got A Few Things Going For Him 1 He Has His Own Suitcase Filled With His Own Important, Secret Things.2 He S The Author Of Bud Caldwell S Rules And Things For Having A Funner Life And Making A Better Liar Out Of Yourself.3 His Momma Never Told Him Who His Father Was, But She Left A Clue Flyers Of Herman E Calloway And His Famous Band, The Dusky Devastators Of The Depression Bud S Got An Idea That Those Flyers Will Lead Him To His Father Once He Decides To Hit The Road And Find This Mystery Man, Nothing Can Stop Him Not Hunger, Not Fear, Not Vampires, Not Even Herman E Calloway Himself.

➪ Bud, Not Buddy Read ➲ Author Christopher Paul Curtis – Playutopia.us
  • Audio Cassette
  • Bud, Not Buddy
  • Christopher Paul Curtis
  • English
  • 21 December 2017
  • 9780439338967

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    I will never look at a ticonderoga pencil the same again

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    4.5One of my husband s grandsons the 5th grader asked me if I d read this book and when I said no I hadn t heard of it , he told me it was good Well, if a boy, about to turn 11, takes the time to recommend a book to me, odds are I m going to read it.The voice of the 10 year old, Bud not Buddy , in this novel is irrepressible and the setting of Flint, Michigan, during the Depression comes to life with tons of details but not a one of them ponderous While keeping its tone age appropriate, there s no talking down to the reader or even the tying up in a pretty bow of all the loose ends There s sadness reality , of course, one scene brought tears to my eyes, but that s from an adult s perspective but most of it is just fun, and even funny There s one gross to me description of soda backwash that I almost couldn t read, the kind of thing many boys seem to love And though there s lots of heart to the story, there s no moralizing As Bud says I d learned that it was best to be asleep before Momma finished the story because if she got done and I was still awake, she d always tell me what the story was about I never told Momma, but that always ruint the fun of the story Shucks, here I was thinking I was just hearing something funny about a fox or a dog and Momma spoilt it by telling me they were really lessons about not being greedy or wishing for things you couldn t have.<...

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    3.5 stars I think Curtis s voice was spectacular, but the plot fell a little bit flat for me I laughed out loud at all the parts when Bud described librarians, and enjoyed all of his antics Listening to the audiobo...

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    Audio book performed by James Avery 5 and a In Depression era Flint, Michigan, 10 year old Bud Caldwell BUD, not Buddy is plucked from the home to go to a foster family This will be the third foster home he s been in, and he s not impressed But he takes his worn, cardboard suitcase with his few but treasured possessions and tries to make the best of it Before he knows it, he s on the lam, determined to find his own way and sure that the things his Momma left him are clues to his father s identity and whereabouts I love Bud He s imaginative, intelligent, resourceful, well mannered, curious, and ever hopeful Once he s decided to find the man he is sure is his father, nothing will stop him He endures hunger and fear, but also comes across kind hearted men and women who help him though he isn t always forthcoming about his goal, and outright lies about his situation than once He s also quite the philosopher having compiled a list of Bud Caldwell s Rules and Thing for Having a Funner Life and Making a Better Liar...

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    Christopher Paul Curtis did it again In writing this 2000 Newbery Medal and Coretta Scott King award winning book, he wove another magical, enchanting, complex, well crafted and spell binding tale filled with poignancy, sadness and laughter while teaching history in a captivating way.I ve raved about this author before, so please indulge my obsession one time in encouraging you to take a few hours of solitude to savor every word, phrase and nuance of this incredible writer.What s in a name The answer is a tremendous asset and sole identity to Bud, NOT Buddy As a ten year old orphan in 1936 hard hit depression filled Flint, Michigan, Bud has little else Four years ago his beloved mother died, leaving him is name and a few possessions he guards with his life.The sum total of his existence is held in a raggle taggle suitcase he lugs from one orphanage or foster home to another The string bound cardboard container holds some rocks with dates painted upon them, a photo of his mama as a child riding a pony, and a few fliers listing a jazz group led by Herman E Calloway.When the last foster home experience culminated in a beating and fearful night of imprisonment in a back yard shack, Buddy knows he has had enough Believing that his mother kept the fliers for a reason and that hi...

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    Dnf at around 80%.It s not that book wasn t good The writing was fun to read, the main character Bud not Buddy was adorable and his determination to make his life better was so uplifting.But I just kept it under my bed for so long that I m no longer interested in finishing it That, and it was overdue at my library so I had to return it today.So I doubt I ll be reviewing this properly Looks like I m just as lazy trying to type words to describe this book now as I was readin...

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    This was no The Watsons Go to Birmingham Just a little too predictable But it s powerfully told, and Curtis has the rare ability to get inside the head of his young narrators Especially smart, sassy, sensitive little boys Bud is definitely a winner Audiobook minuses While younger readers might find them really funny, these two things drove me CRazy Especially trapped in the car wishing my eyes could glaze over a line or two.1 The slang seemed vaguely era appropriate see Rebecca s Fictional Pet Peeve 10 but was super overused, and not really cute the first time woop, zoop, sloop This was slightly redeemed by slipping dollars to donuts in there a few times.2 I started to cringe every time he launched into another of the Bud Caldwell Rules and Things for Having a Funner Life and Making a Better Liar Out of Yourself Characters who make precocious lists That s Rebecca s Fictional Pet Peeve 29 Audiobook plusses 1 It s read by James Avery, aka Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince 2 Author s note read by author Y all know if there s anything I like bet...

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    Bud, Not Buddy is a tense book that took place during the Great Depression It is about an Orphan thats an African Boy looking for this father with only few clues of finding him He use to live with his mother all his life, but after his mother got sick for awhile, she dies and Bud is sent to The Home His mother did tell him his father was in a jazz band and Bud escaped and was on his way to look for his dad I can make a text to world connection to Bud trying to find his dad because there are many people who don t grow up with their dad and hopes to find them one day Their are people who are so serious about finding a family member they search for along time Bud and some kids want a dad and want to have the opportunity to have one and see how its like This is a very good book because it makes you not want to put it down It is so interesting ...

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    My daughter had to read this for school This is the daughter that doesn t like to read She loved it, and told me that I had to read it as well Any one that knows me would know how weird and remarkable that is So I borrowed the class addition and read it this weekend Amazing For a young adult book this should be a must read The story will make you laugh, cry, and hope that the protagonist will find what he is looking for I even enjoyed the way it ended, resolved yet leaving you hoping that the future will be special for everyone You will figure out who H.E.B turns out to be long before everyone else in the book does But that s okay because you end up hoping and rooting for the truth to be exposed.Chris s writing style is nicely periodesk and flows so well that you don t focus on how things are said, just that they were said The vocabulary is appropriate for the story, protagonist, and young adult readers A parent will not have to worry about the context or language of this...

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    When Bud Caldwell decides to run away from his most recent foster family in Depression era Michigan, he has no destination in mind After a few days and a failed attempt to hop a train , he realizes that the only place he knows to go is Grand Rapids, Michigan, to look up the man that he is convinced is his father Unfortunately Herman E Calloway, a famous jazz musician, has no interest in taking care of a 10 year old orphan who could not possibly be his son Bud lands on his feet, though, thanks to the interest of the other members of Calloway s band Bud is an endearingly naive narrator who has collected all of the things he knows about life into Bud Caldwell s Rules and Things for Having a Funner Life and Making a Better Liar Out of Yourself Regardless of what kind of situation is in front of him, Bud looks for wisdom in his rules about how the world works I listened to this as an audio book narrated by Jam...

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