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Horror: 100 Best BooksFrom A Team Of Seasoned, Top Horror Experts, Lead By Uber Critic Kim Newman, Carve Their Way Through A Century Of Fear With Authority, Humour And Encyclopaedic Knowledge Packed Images Of The Most Terrifying Scenes In Cinema History, This Unique, Definitive, Comprehensive Guide Traces The Story Of Horror, Decade By Decade, And Provides A Witty And Informative Critique Of Over 300 Films From All Over The World Also Included Are Entries Covering Writers Whose Work Has Had A Profound Effect On Horror Cinema, Influential Literary Works, TV Series That Made An Impact On The Genre And Other Themes, Figures And Ideas All The Key Horror Themes, From Comedy Horror To Slashers, Are Covered In Feature Spreads Throughout.

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    This is a fascinating book and one which is greatly under played The idea is yes there are 100 books listed chronologically to their main publication date However its how they were obtained as the introduction which is fascinating in itself and is worth reading something I will admit I do not do all the time it is explained that the top leading horror writers were contacted those still with us that is there were a couple who I think they took historical comments Lovecraft for example and asked them to submit their favourite or most memorable book which inspired horror and terror in them As I said the introduction is rather an insight since apparently there was a complete spectrum of results from this project from eager cooperation to blatant self promotion to outrage and dismissal So as a result you have horror of course but science fiction, fantasy, thrillers in fact almost all genres were represented but with one common thread that they have something horrific in them, be it physical or implied or mental...

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    He aprendido much simo con este libro Me ha recordado lo variado que es el g nero y me ha descubierto no pocas maravillas Me ha gustado tambi n el formato, pues no se trata de una mera lista con rese as, sino de una recopilaci n de recomendaciones escritas directamente por aquellos escritores que aman estos libros y los consideran esenciales y a m me dan mucho gustito las cosas as , que salen desde la pasi n de fan y me dan siempre unas ganas tremen...

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    I adore this book, and the book that followed in its cloven steps Not much else needs said A classic reference model, and one to be measured against future models Bring on a third say I

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    If one loves reading horror stories, this collection of essays curated by Stephen Jones and Kim Newman is fantastic guide to reading the very best available.One Hundred horror icons offer up critical essays on 100 captivating reads that moves beyond reviews and into realm personal enlightenment about what fine frights were brought to them and how they shined on a light on the path to become writers themselves.Of the essays see below for the full list , I was most struck by F.Paul Wilson s piece on William Peter Blatty s The Exorcist How a devout Catholic was shaken to the core by the novel and film That essay is worth the purchase price alone Works Essayist1 DOCTOR FAUSTUS c 1592 Clive Barker2 THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH 1606 John Blackburn3 THE WHITE DEVIL 1612 Diana Wynne Jones4 CALEB WILLIAMS 1794 Scott Bradfield5 THE MONK 1796 Les Daniels6 THE BEST TALES OF HOFFMAN 1814 16 John Sladek7 NORTHANGER ABBEY 1817 David Pirie8 FRANKENSTEIN 1818 Jane Yolen9 MELMOTH THE WANDERER 1820 Peter Tremayne10 THE CONFESSIONS OF A JUSTIFIED SINNER 1824 Garry Kilworth11 TALES OF MYSTERY AND IMAGINATION John M Ford12 TWICE TOLD TALES 1837, expanded 1842 Edgar Allan Poe13 THE BLACK SPIDER 1842 Thomas Tessier14 THE WANDERING JEW 1844 45 Thomas M Disch15 THE CONFIDENCE MAN 1857 Michael McDowell16 UNCLE SILAS 1864 M.R James17 DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE 1886 Jack...

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    Intelligent, insightful reviews of horror films from the silent era to the present The book is organized by decade and a lengthy essay reviewing that particular decade leads off each chapter Then, the most important horror films of each decade are reviewed in depth in chronological order Interspersed throughout the volume are essays on themes in horror films, such as vampire films, TV horror, etc I don t agree with all the reviews, but they are entertaining and were written by people who obviously know and love horror films I first got this in paperback and, when an updated editions came out, got THAT one for Kindle The first edition has Lee Remick from The Omen on the cover I d much rather look at her than at Leatherface, but oh, well Anyway, this is a great resource for horror film fans.BTW, there seems to be some confusion on the pa...

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    Love this book and it s sequel Just wish I could find all the books listed here.

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