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デスノート #5 (Desu Nōto) Hakushi (白紙,) Light Yagami Is An Ace Student With Great Prospects And He S Bored Out Of His Mind But All That Changes When He Finds The Death Note, A Notebook Dropped By A Rogue Shinigami Death God Any Human Whose Name Is Written In The Notebook Dies, And Now Light Has Vowed To Use The Power Of The Death Note To Rid The World Of Evil But When Criminals Begin Dropping Dead, The Authorities Send The Legendary Detective L To Track Down The Killer With L Hot On His Heels, Will Light Lose Sight Of His Noble Goalor His Life

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    So, this is how it will be A Death Note every day But that way it will only last me till the end of this week Fabulous as always but I have to say view spoiler without Light knowing that he is Kira it s a bit not as good But I love how Light is still careful not to sa...

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    Eh This seemed to suddenly change directions and now nothing is like it was The original premise and conflict that were so interesting seem to have been thrown to the side in exchange for these corrupt businessmen And will Misa ever do anything that doesn t revolve around Light What ever happened with the Police Chief s health He had a heart attack like two issues ago, supposedly stress induced, and now all this goes down with his son bu...

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    4 5

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    jaw dropping , 4 StillTeamL

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    4.5 Stars Still really great This one has a lot of build up for what will be going down in the next volume I am so pumped for it

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    densely written and less interesting than the previous volumes saw it coming but nbd It gets better.

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    To je bo ej a bo ej 3 Team Light St le a nav dy.

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    Moram da priznam nisam ocekivao pravac u kom ce se prica razvijati i to je odlicno ali sve je suvise zakompikovano Pokusavaju ci da prikaze ove likove kao izuzetno pametne samo im je umanjio na vrednosti Glavni razlog zbog kojeg citamo ovo jeste nadmudrivanje izmedju L i Lighta i toga tr...

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    I don t think the idea of forfeiting the death note was very good, but I think there was no way around it as everything got really tight and there must ve been a way to clear it up.I m excited to know what comes up next.

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    The plot, the character development, the execution are still perfect, but I have to admit I liked the original concept way better I miss the Light going up against L in epic fight of wits.I don t care for the new characters that have been introduced and consequently I m nowhere near as invested as I ...

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