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Andrea Burnley Live! Andrea Burnley Live A Novel ByNick WebleySynopsisPhil Bonham Receives An Invitation From A Friend, Andrea Burnley She Is The Golden Girl Of British Television And Her Pedestal Has Become Just High Enough For The Media To Begin Trying To Topple Her It Is Open Season On Andrea And A Media Storm Is About To Break Around Her She Asks Phil To Accompany Her To Her House In South West France, Her Secret Bolt Hole, Where She Intends To Lie Low Until The Fuss Has Blown Over The Fuss Is Over An Unwise Decision To Play Master Of Ceremonies At An Arms Fair Some Of The Weapons Being Promoted Were Some Of The Most Unpleasant Man Has Devised Knowledge Of Such Events Is Not Widely Publicised Or Promoted And Seldom If Ever Reaches The Media However, Times Being As They Are And The Tabloids Having A Serious Thirst For Any Celebrity Scandal, And Deep Pockets To Pay For Them, A Tape Of Andrea In Full Camouflage Costume Extolling The Virtues Of These Weapons With Phrases Such As First Round Kill Capability When The Meat Meets The Metal Etc Is Sent To A Major Red Top Tabloid As Andrea Has Been The Presenter Of Family And Childrens Television Programmes The Material To Attack Her Is Obvious Note There Has Long Been A Connection Between Well Known News Presenters And Personalities With The Promotion Of Arms Sales This Connection Is Not Widely Known, Other Than To Those Within A Certain Orbit It Is Just Considered Part Of The Corporate Promotions Business.As Phil And Andrea Settle Down For A Break From The Real World The Real World Violently Blasts Into Their Idyll.

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