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Vampire? TThis Is An Unusual Tale Of An Unusual Love Affair, Which Combines Laughter And Tears In Equal Amounts Most Of The Happenings Revolve Around An Innocent, Childlike Young Woman, Melody, Who Is Lost In Mind And Spirit, And Is Being Targeted By A Group Of Zealots, Who Believe Her To Be A Vampire This May Or May Not Be The Case But, Nevertheless, She Harbours A Shocking Secret, Necessary To Her Survival She Is Befriended By Kim A Martial Arts Master With A Corresponding Temper To Match And Her Brother A Clueless But Clever, Sarcastic Nerd Together, Aided By A Psychic Investigator, They Foil Several Bizarre Attacks By The Zealots, With Melody Barely Escaping With Her Life On Each Occasion In The Relatively Peaceful Interludes Between Attacks, Melody Discovers What It Means To Love She Yearns To Be A Mother, And Kim And Paul Devise A Rather Unique Solution To Her Desire But All Is Not Well, Because The Zealots Refuse To Surrender, And The Story Unwinds To An Inevitable Tragic Conclusion.

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