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Five Sisters The WomenSet In The Bible Belt Of Jacksonville, Florida, Five Sisters Renovation And Cleaning, Is A Brand New Company That Also Happens To Be A Coven Of Witches, Headed Up By Their Fearless Leader And High Priestess, Martie The HouseThe Palm Breeze Inn, Formerly Known As The Historical, Willcraft Manor, Is A Three Story Antebellum That Has Sat In The Quiet Town Of Palatka, Florida For Over One Hundred Years It Was Built As A Family Home By Lucien Willcraft Who Was Rud To Be A Witch.The GhostsIn The Year 1915, Every Member Of The Willcraft Family Was Murdered In Their Home, Excluding Lucien, Who Seemed To Have Just Disappeared Even Today, The Mass Murder Remains Unsolved.Can A Team Of Hand Tool Wielding Witches Right The Wrongs Of Willcraft Manor And Get Out Alive

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    As a pagan myself, and a former resident of Jacksonville, I thought it was an interesting book I ve ordered the 2nd, but haven t started it yet.I agree with khoward50 Many misspelled words.

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    This was an interesting book, but you have to enjoy ghosts and pagan ceremonies This may seem like a small criticism, but there were a lot of grammatical errors in this book It appears like the only proofreading that was done ...

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