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A Pirate of Her Own Join Jean LaFitte And His Pirates On A Rousing Romp On The High Seas Emily Hit The Ground With A Thud That Jettisoned The Air From Her Lungs A Fuzzy, Gray Mist Surrounded Her She Tried To Sit Up, But Warm, Strong Hands Held Her Down A Rich, Baritone Voice, Slightly French Came From Somewhere Behind Her Soigneux Be Still, Mademoiselle, Until I See If Any Bones Have Been Broken Emily Blinked, Her Vision Becoming Clearer As The Man Moved Around To Her Side Dear Lord, It Was The Black Haired Stranger From The Boat Carefully, He Traced Her Collarbones And Ran His Fingers Down Her Arms, Leaving A Pleasant Warmth In Their Wake His Hands Closed Gently Over Her Ribcage And A Strange Heat Began To Stir Deep Inside Her Never In Her Life Had She Had Such A Reaction She Really Should Protest Since She Doubted That The Man Was A Physician, But Her Body Felt Suddenly Weak As A Newborn.He Looked Up I Cannot Feel Anything Broken Do You Want To Try To Sit She Nodded Somehow, Her Mouth Was Too Dry For Speech His Eyes Were Sea Green And So Clear, She Felt Like She Was Swimming In Them Or Drowning.

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    Emily is a spirited, intelligent, brave young woman of the gentry in South Carolina Andre is a pirate who also does some slave trading, and meets Emily quite by accident She s fascinated by pirates and their freedom She and An...

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    This was a pretty good book Wish it was a little longer so you could get to the know the characters a little , I mean don t get me wrong you get to hear there story but I wish there was just a little bit to there individual selves.

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