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Saying No to the Alpha Tiffany Love Had Struggled All Of Her Twenty One Years To Make A Life For Herself And Nothing Had Come Easy Finally Ready To Finish School And Begin Her Career As A Vet Tech, She Isn T Going To Let Anything Or Anyone Stand In Her Way Until The Day She Meets Sexy Alpha Wolf, Eldon Bayne Eldon Knew The Instant He Saw The Curvy Beauty That She Was His Life Mate When A Customer In The Convenience Store Where She Works Tries To Do Her Harm, Eldon Has No Choice But To Come To Her Rescue And To Claim Her For His Own After All, It S The Way Things Are Meant To Be So Why Is She Still Saying No To The Alpha This Book Contains Adult Situations And Explicit Adult Language.

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    MehThe alpha has TWO betas, and in the same day both he AND his betas find their mates Yeah Not buying it.I really didn t like the main characters I found her to be whiny, and he wasn t all that alpha They were both rather dull Nuff said.

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    Not bad, but I ve read better shifter books.Cute story, but I think she tried to squeeze 3 romances in 1 book though the other two was just really, really, short.

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    3 1 3 starsI am really happy everyone got a happy ending here I wish these stories were longer but they re good for a low drama romance.

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    This was an enjoyable story and I loved the main characters as well as the secondary characters I loved the concept of the story but it should have been longer and in depth which would have made for a much better story There were also grammar mistakes, ie mixing u...

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    Yeah I m not going to attempt to finish reading this book It was that bad Honestly the characters were so underdeveloped, and the story was so very very high school it was draining my will to live Not for me.

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    CuteI gave this book two stars because yes I liked it but it felt like it was missing something to make it .

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    it s a good book just moved to fast and the story was way to short I think if it was longer it would ve been better

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