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Life in Ancient Egypt What Was It Like To Live In The Ancient Land Watered By The Nile, Thousands Of Years Before Christ Was Born How Did A Man Earn His Living, What Did He Wear, Where Did He Go In His Leisure Time What Was The Relationship Between An Ordinary Egyptian And His Government, His Wife, His Children Was Life For Him Grim Or Optimistic, Difficult Or Easy, Reverent Or Worldly Did His People Travel, Explore, Conquer Were They Very Much Different From Those Of The Other Great Civilizations Of Antiquity, The Greek And The Roman What Was The Nature Of Their Science, Art, Magic, Religion If The Past Has Lessons For The Present, What Can We Deduce From Ancient Egyptian Life That Is Of Value To Us Today For Generations, Scholar, Specialists, And General Readers Have Been Turning To A Monumental Sourcebook For The Answers To Such Questions Life In Ancient Egypt By Adolf Erman It Is One Of The Most Influential And Frequently Consulted Works On Egyptology Ever Written, A Classic In Its Field And The Basis Of Numerous Other Studies And Works It Is Still One Of A Very Few Books That Offer The Modern Reader So Satisfying, Informative, And Complete A Survey In One Volume.Erman, A Rigorously Trained Scholar, Director Of The Egyptian Museum In Berlin, And Author Of Standard Works On Egyptology, Covers His Subject Thoroughly And With A Wealth Of Interesting, Concrete Detail He Examines Ancient Egypt S Political Structure, Crime And Police Systems, Domestic Life And Kinships, Dress, Amusements, Religion, Learning, Mathematics, Magic And Folk Beliefs, Literature, Art, Agriculture, Trades, Arts And Crafts, Commerce, Warfare, And Much Else His Objective Point Of View, Eschewing Romanticism On The One Hand And Frigid Pedantry On The Other, Gives Us A Treatment That Is As Trustworthy In Fact As It Is Evocative In Effect As Professor Jon Manchip White Says In His New Introduction For This Edition, From First To Last A Superb Performance The Scholar, The Student And The Merely Curious Can Do No Better Than To Go To This First, Great Authority On Ancient Egypt Profusely Illustrated Throughout.

[Read] ➵ Life in Ancient Egypt  By Adolf Erman – Playutopia.us
  • Paperback
  • 597 pages
  • Life in Ancient Egypt
  • Adolf Erman
  • English
  • 01 July 2019
  • 0486226328

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    Thomas Mann supposedly used this as the source for Joseph and His Brothers and it s a Dover book, so how could you go wrong Besides, the author is so forthright As a rule but few facts can be gleaned from the inscriptions, which mostly contain foolish exaggeratins of the glory of the monarch a hundred texts will tell us that the Pharaoh was the friend of the gods, and that he overthrew all the barbarians, while ne solitary inscription may inform us which temple he built, or against what Thomas Mann supposedly...

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    Remarkably acurate for the time it was written 19th Century , this detailed overview of life in ancient Egypt contains beautiful black and white illustrations of Egyptian treasures, documents, and monuments The author s Christian disaproval of Egyptian custo...

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    Astonishingly relevant 130 years on Many of Erman s educated speculations were confirmed by later boots on the ground science His architectural elevations and cross sections derived entirely from dimensionless and often hard to interpret reliefs are totally charming and probably very accurate.

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    A lot of the information is out of date and Erman is a bit moralizing and dismissive of the value of the culture of ancient Egypt, but I suppose this is a result of the time this book was written I wouldn t recommend this work if you are looking for solid information about ancient Egypt, but it does helpinterested parties see how the study and understanding of this ancient culture evolved There are also excellent drawings which, on their own, make this a book worth owning to an Egypt ent A lot of the information is out of date and Erman is a bit moralizing and dismissive of the value of the culture of ancient Egypt, but I suppose this is ...

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    This one was packed with information, but was pretty dry to read through This one is good for history buffs who like all the details.

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