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Faith's CheckbookIn Faith S Checkbook, First Published In The Late 1800s, Spurgeon Presents 365 Of God S Wonderful Promises, As Found In Scripture Each Verse Is Followed By A Brief Thought Or Application, Making This Collection Ideal For Personal Or Family Devotions Find Daily Encouragement With Promises Such As God Shall Be With You, Genesis 48 21 Call Unto Me, And I Will Answer Thee, Jeremiah 33 3 If Thou Seek Him, He Will Be Found Of Thee, 1 Chronicles 28 9 He That Humbleth Himself Shall Be Exalted, Luke 18 14 Because I Live, Ye Shall Live Also, John 14 19 He Will Be Our Guide Even Unto Death, Psalm 48 14

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    I have spent the last year using this daily reading from Spurgeon for encouragement and guidance as I use my Bible notes in the morning.For that extra shot of Biblical injection before facing the big wide worldThis is a real inspiration to read and reflect on throughout the day I purchased this on my Kindle and it is so much accessible than lugging around a big book, that I was able to re read this throughout the day wherever I was.This preacher really knew how to deliver a message with high impact, even after all these years of his passing and the massive changes in society they have pieced together a book of his preaching and daily readings that are timely and apt for today You sometimes have to sit back and remember that this was written many moons ago and it feels like he is speaking for today s age but then again nothing is new under the sun and the human heart never changes so the insight is spot on in the reading for any year.What I personally liked was his undeniable passion and conviction for the word of truth In an age where the truth is being attacked left, right and centre with the PC brigade on top of that this is really a refreshing and enc...

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    Spurgeon is quickly becoming a favorite of mine I am also reading a sermon of his each day and appreciate his depth and bold challenges to his congregations Spurgeons writing from nineteenth century England remind me that Christ ...

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    Its not just a daily devotional book, but its a book to pick up often through out the day This is one of those books, that you will read over and over, it is a MUST have and a MUST read Blessings ME

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    Charles Spurgeon still shines even after all these years his encouragement in the faith and his knowledge of Gods love to us in Christ should be part of every believer s reading menu.

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    I have used this in my personal devotions and quiet time repeatedly I cannot tell you how God has ministered to me in these short little devotionals written by Spurgeon.

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    Charles Haddon Spurgeon 1834 1892 was born in Essex, England, and became a Baptist minister In fact, he was probably Britain s best known preacher of the nineteenth century, serving with the New Park Street Baptist Chapel in Southwark, London, which he built into the Metropolitan Tabernacle In addition to his public speaking, Spurgeon was involved in several charitable organizations, including an orphanage in Stockwell, and had an extensive influence through his writings Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith, a copy of which was given to me by a friend, is a set of 365 daily readings, each with a passage of Scripture containing some promise of God and a devotional application of that passage and its promise In fact, the original subtitle was Being Precious Promises Arranged for Daily Use There might be some of the readings where certain people would disagree a bit with Spurgeon s th...

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    When I read this book in my 20 s, I would have given it five stars It did definitely teach me to pray and to plead the promises of God And most of the time it was encouraging and firmly rooted in sound theological reasoning based on the Bible On the other hand, there are promises given in Scripture that cannot be appropriated for my particular situation or any person s particular situation Thinking that every promise in Scripture is a blank check is...

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    I whole heartedly recommend this book to any christian looking for a daily reading book Spurgeon s writing is kind and gentle echoing the character of his Saviour Each reading is positive and encouraging reaffirming the very deep love Jesus has for his people I started reading this book just after losing my job and found in it all promises I needed to stand on Spurgeon s deep understanding of the Scripture s gives his writing depth and so provides food for the soul and revives the flagging s...

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    This has to be one of my favorite devotional books I used it 3 years in a row during a dark period in my life Each day brought me to a promise of God s and He will keep that promise in his perfect time, but I must endorse that promise and take it to the bank if Faith A great encou...

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