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    I don t understand why did Arthur hate Ash this much

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    Hmmm, let s call this one The Gangs of New York shall we Although maybe the last volume should have been called The Gangs of New York Part 1 and this one is Part 2 Yeah, I that works for me In any case, here we have Ash vs Arthur Part 2 and while there are no unexpected surprises, the way it plays out to the conclusion is satisfact...

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    Patra as Puras patra as

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    w h y

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    Nope I call bs

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    So, they won t let Ash take a break, huh.

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    oh yeah shit s about to GO DOWN

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    The previous volume of Banana Fish ended in a bit too obvious cliffhanger, and it s a relief to see that obligatory development handled very efficiently in the beginning of volume 9 And then things get interesting.I like the way Yoshida s writing trending towards a character driven approach They are getting deeper and interesting in every volume, and big steps are again made in this regard This volume doesn t form such a coherent whole, but everythi...

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    Program BUBU

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