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Unmasked When I Saw My Arm, I Almost Passed Out Trembling, I Noticed My Hands Were Just As Bad Ignoring How Everything Looked, I Lifted My Left Hand And Touched My Right Arm As My Fingers Touched The Black Flesh, It Peeled Off, Just Like The Burnt Crust On A Toasted Marshmallow A Large Sloppy Chunk Slid Off My Bicep And Fell I Watched My Skin, The Skin That Was So Tan And Taut Just A Few Minutes Ago, Fall Into The Mud The True Story Of The Burn Injury That Almost Killed Kane, From Unmasked Kane Hodder To Fans, This Name Is Synonymous With Horror, An Icon On The Level Of Bela Legosi, Boris Karloff And Vincent Price Kane Has Appeared As A Stunt Man And Actor In Than Two Hundred Television Shows And Movies In A Career Spanning Over Thirty Years His Role As Jason Voorhees In Four Consecutive Films Of The Friday The 13th Series Came To Define The Character Feared By Millions Of Fans The World Over The Man Behind The Hockey Mask Would Seal His Fate As Horror Royalty Years Later By Starring As The Monster Victor Crowley In The Hatchet Series.Unmasked Documents The Unlikely True Story Of A Boy Who Was Taunted And Beaten Relentlessly By Bullies Throughout His Childhood Kane Only Escaped His Tormentors When He Moved To A Tiny Island In The South Pacific Where He Lived For All Of His Teen Years After Living Shirtless In A Jungle For A While, He Headed Back To America Where He Fell In Love With Doing Stunts Only To Have His Love Burn Him, Literally For The First Time Ever, Kane Tells The True Story Of The Horrific Burn Injury That Nearly Killed Him At The Start Of His Career The Entire Heart Wrenching, Inspirational Story Of His Recovery, The Emotional And Physical Damage It Caused And His Fight To Break Back Into The Industry That Almost Killed Him And Triumphant Rise To Become A Film Legend Are Told In Kane S Own Powerful Voice.Take A Peek Inside The Head Of The Man Behind The Mask Be Inspired By His Triumphant Comeback And Laugh At His Onset Hijinks As You Unmask The World S Most Prolific, Cinematic Killer.

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    I loved this autobiography I ve met Kane several times, and enjoyed his films and this was a real treat to read It s very candid and at times he shares very intimate secrets about his live and experiences If you en...

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    I talked with Kane Hodder tonight, Saturday June 2nd, told him I was going to start his book and would let him know what I thought in September He has guaranteed me I will cry.I just finished the book I laughed, cried and ...

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    There isn t much to it but still entertaining to read He s most famous for playing horror icon Jason He s had an interesting life Grew up in the South Pacific Almost died after being burned over 75% of his body in a stunt gone wrong He was one of the first celebrities I ever met He nearly...

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    I went to a Detroit horror convention this year, I stopped by Mike Aloisi s table the coauthor of the book and started talking to him about writing and Kane As I was talking to Mike, Kane came up from behind and put a playful chokehold on me Kane is most famous for playing Jason Voorhies in some of the Friday the 13th movies I have met Kane on several occasions at conventions and have always been intrigued by him as a person and as an actor The I talked to Mike the I liked him and I wanted to not only support him as an author, but I wanted to read about Kane as well Besi...

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    I enjoyed this book much than I initially thought that I would My Mom was a big fan of Kane Hodder, so I bought the book so we would have something to talk about I really enjoyed this book Kane Hodder s story is immediately relatable and he shares a ...

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    Couldn t put down If you re a fan of Kane Hodder s and his movies you should check this book out Read my official review of this book

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    Holy hell what a good read, i had no idea some of the movies Kane had been in usually as a double or coordinating the stunts, but its a huge assortment He s also a pretty funny guy Perfect book.

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    As a Kane Hodder fan this was an obvious choice I am so glad I read it, it s informative and heart wrenching This book talks you through the ups and downs of Kane s life and career and the consequences of his time as an aspiring and inexperienced stunt man.

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    Okay, first off, I have to admit I m a huge Kane Hodder fan My introduction to him was as Jason in Friday the 13th Part VII and I loved watching him work ever since So, when I had the chance to grab his biography and read it, I didn t hesitate.One of the things that jumps out right away is his straight honesty He s brutally honest about what he s thinking, why he did things, and how he feels about it His honesty also goes two ways, meaning he s just as honest about himself as he is about others, and that s a refreshing and awesome quality that really brought his life s adventures out as than just a few statements.Because of that, we re allowed to see a part of the man that he s kept private for years and that s a blessing many don t share There are several aspects where I can totally understand him from his love of a doctor to his sense of humor While my medical experiences I ve never been severely burned have been no where near as serious as his, it s both cool and inspiring to hear how he dealt with it and survived to do some great work with burn victims His sense of humor is, well, unique, and similar to mine That s all I m going to say on that one You ll just have to read the book to ...

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    This is a surprisingly deep memoir about a man who is mostly known for playing demon serial killers like Jason and Victor Krowly Kane really digs deep into things about his life and his personality The story about how he got badly burned, is terrifying, disgusting and heart breaking His openness about the strange things he does he makes his family strip nake...

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