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    I liked this but not sure yet if it s a series I ll follow to the end It s pretty violent, but the characters are intriguing and the plot, though not generally my thing gangs and drugs and gang mafia police politics is compelling Between a three and four rating I will probably read the second book in the series at the very least Several people write in their reviews that fortunately the main character is not really gay Which makes me 1 annoyed 2 less interested in reading the series I was pretty excited to read a graphic mystery with a young, queer, smart, tough gang leader with a compassionate side or at least a strong sense of gangland ethics as its lead character I also understand that to call a male character gay or queer who has sex with other men in the context of gang life is not necessarily understanding the complexity of human sexuality and power dynamics under these particular circumstances I m most curious to learn ab...

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    I know I ll regret this but apparently I can t stay away from painful things

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    I meant to write a review yesterday Aug 12 when it was the author s birthday, but I forgot so I guess I can slack now, y n Kinda dated, but still with interesting ideas and execution I wished it moved a little faster as I m inte...

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    Banana Fish is one of the fascinating manga that I have encountered, equally for its engaging story, fascinating characters, and circumstances surrounding its advertisement Branded a shoujo manga because of its shounen ai or boys love subtext, this is a work filled with a degree of violence, sexual and otherwise, that is totally outside of the scope of the shoujo genre In fact, such a category is a total misclassification There s very little, in fact, in the first volume beyond an astonishing scene in the third chapter, which I ll get to to sexually titillate readers who are looking for representations of queer love or sex In fact, the opposite is true Much like the Salinger story from which the manga gets its title, the manga makes masterful use of euphemism to avoid reproducing sexual violence whilst engaging with it quite seriously.Ash Lynx, the main character, is enslaved for the purpose of sexual exploitation by a mob boss, Papa Dino Dino and Ash s interactions in the novel are charged with terrifying tension, but any explicit details are left unsaid between them Indeed, another mobster, Marvin, makes an allusion to liking Ash s videos The reader is to understand these videos to be pornographic in nature, as Marvin goes on to say you re still not too old to be a star Thus, the disturbing cocktail of sexual exploitation and pedophilia is exposed without the need to narrate explicitly the events of Ash s tragic past This goes ...

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    Thought I d check this out as I m in love with the anime The anime is set in modern times where this is not but I still think the story is great and I m looking forward to seeing how the manga differs from the anime.

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    I present to you my new obsessionMY BOYS

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    One of my friends recommended me the anime and being that type of friend who trusts people s recommendation way too much, I decided to give it a shot.When I first encountered Banana Fish, I did not have any idea as to what it was I just watched the anime without conducting any research to what am I subjecting myself into.First things first, be it known that stories involving mafias or gangs and drugs are something that I don t usually read or watch since I personally believe that it is not my genre Imagine my surprise when I watched the first episode of Banana Fish and ended up liking it.I was done watching the first few episodes of the anime when I decided to read the manga series first.Personally, I think that the volume started very slow but picks up the right pace in the middle to the end The art from the manga was very different from the anime since the latte...

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    Ugh wow One of my best friends recommended this to me because Ash reminded her of Andrew from All For The Game and holy crap I fell in love The characters are so rich and the plot is layered and intriguing I m so so glad I picked this up.

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    The art s not the best, and idk if this is ever going to get romancy at all, but it s awesome Excited to see this animated, and the oop volumes reissued.

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    Wow this was not what i expected, the story is quite dark and gruesome but really well done, the characters are well developed especially the main protagonist Ash he reminds me of Andrew Minyard so much I m off to watch the series now.

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