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Lord Emsworth and OthersLord Emsworth Wikipedia Lord Emsworth And Others PG Wodehouse Livres Not Retrouvez Lord Emsworth And Others Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Lord Emsworth And Others By PG Wodehouse In Lord Emsworth And Others, Readers Are Treated To A Selection Of Familiar Characters And Places, In New And Unfamiliar Circumstances Fans And Initiates Will Be Highly Entertained To Ask Other Readers Questions About Lord Emsworth And Others, Please Sign Up Be The First To Ask A Question AboutP G Wodehouse Lord Emsworth And Others LORD EMSWORTH AND OTHERS P G Wodehouse Read By Nigel Lambert A Collection Of Stories In Which Familiar Characters And Places Are Reintroduced In Unfamiliar Circumstances, Reminding Us IfLordEmsworthandOthers Dfinition De Dfinitions De LordEmsworthandOthers, Synonymes, Antonymes, Drivs De LordEmsworthandOthers, Dictionnaire Analogique De LordEmsworthandOthers Anglais Lord Emsworth Fictional Character Britannica Lord Emsworth, Fictional Character, The Elderly Absentminded Ninth Proprietor Of Blandings Castle, Shropshire, Eng The Setting Of Many Short Stories And Novels By PG Wodehouse From Something Freshto His Final, Unfinished Sunset At BlandingsLord Emsworth Is Almost Invariably Lord Emsworth And The Girlfriend Frribd LORD EMSWORTH AND THE GIRLFRIEND By P G Wodehouse I Choose Short Story Lord Emsworth And The Girlfriend Written By P G Wodehouse It Is A Non Fiction Story The Theme For This Story Is About Self This Short Story Is Take Place In Blanding Castle And Blanding Parva Village In England The Time On This Story Is Only Known As First Monday InBlandings Lord Emsworth And The Girlfriend TV Directed By Paul Seed With Emily Beecham, Molly Conlin, Ron Donachie, Richard Doubleday Fiery Scots Gardener McAllister Threatens To Quit When The Empress Nibbles His Carefully Sculpted Topiary But McAllister Is Needed For The Annual Fete So Clarence Must Grovel To Make Him Stay Cockney Children Ern And Gladys Are Billeted At Blandings As Part Of A Fresh Air For Children Scheme Pelham Grenville Wodehouse Wikipdia Blandings Castle Et Lord Emsworth Blandings Castle, Dans Le Comt Rural Du Shropshire, Est Le Thtre Des Aventures Aristocratiquement Champtres De Lord Emsworth, Un Dbonnaire Seigneur Campagnard, De Son Ador Cochon De Concours, L Impratrice De Blandings, De Sa Tyrannique S Ur Connie, Et De Son Imprvisible Frre Galahad Le Cycle Qui Recoupe Une Fois Celui De Psmith, Et DeuxExtrait De Outstanding Short Stories, P G WodehouseThis Young Lady, Said Lord Emsworth, Has My Full Permission To Pick All The Flowers She Wants, McAllister If You Do Not Agree With Me In This Matter, McAllister, Say So And We Will Discuss What You Are Going To Do About It, McAllister

Download ➶ Lord Emsworth and Others Author P.G. Wodehouse –
  • Hardcover
  • 268 pages
  • Lord Emsworth and Others
  • P.G. Wodehouse
  • English
  • 12 September 2019
  • 9781585672776

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    I doubt I ve ever seen mileage gotten out of an air rifle P.G Wodehouse is a master at squeezing the most out of a very little bit The reader of even a handful of his stories gets a sense of deja vu, but since those stories are always light, airy and full of fun, that s not such a bad thing In this collection of stories, based around a few of Wodehouse s recurring characters, it s the title story that struck a hilarious blow to my funny bone Lord Emsworth is a hopelessly doddering old duffer with the tiniest bit of spark left in him, just enough left to make you love the old fellow A chunky section in the middle of the book is filled with a slew of Wodehouse golf based one offs, which are fine I prefer his Blandings Castle work or the Jeeves and Wooster material, but the golf stuff has its moments, especially if you like the game The remainder of the book is rounded out with tales of Ukridge, his overly confident ne er do well character who never notices that he never does well I wasn t a huge Ukridge fan, but these few stories revolving around his costly shenanigans actually improved my opinion of him All in all, Lord Emsworth and Others bounced between 3 and 4 stars, a respectable rating Though, I would not suggest the uninitiated embark upon Wodehouse with this collection.

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    I only remember the title story, Crime Wave at Blandings , where an air gun confiscated from an errant kid inspires the sportsman in everyone including Lord Emsworth.

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    Pure fun Who knew the upperish classes of England could be laugh out loud foolish Wait, I forgot how the Royal family actually behaves This is still better.

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    Oh my aching sides

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    Some stories like the first one were five stars Others were three too much golf So I ll average it out to four Reader good.

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    Typical Wodehouse funny, ironic, and spot on social satire A fun read, but too many golf stories for my taste.

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    I turned to this book, one of my favorites by Wodehouse, when I needed a break from some serious reading There are nine stories in this collection a Blandings Castle story, three golf stories told by The Oldest Member, a Drones Club story, and three concerning that resourceful scoundrel Ukridge They re all excellent, but the honors have to go to The Crime Wave at Blandings, the longest story here, and one of the best things Wodehouse ever wrote The Efficient Baxter has returned to torment Lord Emsworth, but before the action is over, he has been shot with an air rifle a total of four times by Lord Emsworth twice , Lady Constance, and even by Beach, the butler It couldn t have happened to a nicer guy Highly recommended for Wodehouse fans, and it would probably be a good introduction for those not familiar with his world.

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    After another painful attempt at the BBC s current Blandings, what a balm to finish off the last few stories in this collection of the real Wodehouse The title story is the only Blandings here, with Ukridge and the Oldest Member dominating and, unusually, no sign whatsoever of Jeeves Now, given my golfing knowledge extends exactly as far as crazy golf in Markeaton Park, the Oldest Member stories are far from my favourites and yet, they retain that core Wodehouse ness which at once soothes and delights Even in the frankly bizarre There s Always Golf , wherein a writer who seems never to have had a sexual feeling in his life just about pulls off the tale of an SM golfing romance.

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    This book of short stories is mostly made up of shorts about the Others, though the Emsworth tale is one of my favorite Blandings stories Several of the other stories are golf heavy, and my eye skimmed right over those There are also several Uxbridge stories in the last half of the book which involve Pushy Aunts, animals, and jewels, and these were delightful, classic Wodehouse Jolly good

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    Lord Emsworth may be the funniest of P.G Wodehouse s characters all of them a ridiculous send up the the British aristocracy P.G has been called the best writer in the English language He is certainly the funniest.

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