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10 petits insectesIn Davide Cali And Vincent Pianina S Hilarious Mystery, Ten Eccentric Insects, Each With Something To Hide, Are Brought To A Mysterious House On A Secluded Island For The Weekend Then, One By One, Very Unusual Things Start Happening To Them But, Of Course, All Is Not As It Seems

[Ebook] ↠ 10 petits insectes Author Davide Cali – Playutopia.us
  • Hardcover
  • 80 pages
  • 10 petits insectes
  • Davide Cali
  • English
  • 23 February 2018
  • 9780987109910

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    Assumed I was interlibraryloaning a picture book It is tagged as a YA graphic novel I am not wild about how it looks like a children s picture book for the very young in every way on the cover and size etc but the content is inappropriate beheadings, corpse dead talk and so on As I read on, I realized it was a take on Agatha Christie s classic Ten Little Indians While a clever idea that is well executed slight pun intended , there are ...

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    Une tr s jolie adaptation des Dix Petits N gres de la reine du crime, qui plaira aux amoureux du genre et du roman

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    This book is essentially And Then There Were None told with insects It was humorous at moments, but it was very similar to the original, so I was a little bored with it.

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    Ten Little Insects is a retelling of Agatha Christie s Ten Little Indians using bugs as main characters I enjoyed this graphic novel and found it quite humorous but don t know that it will appeal to the middle grade audienc...

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    When I first heard of 10 Little Insects at a recent CBCA conference in Adelaide, I thought it would be fun to read As I moved through the pages on a glum Saturday afternoon, I didn t expect to be sitting and giggling much to the mirth of my family.From the first pages of this new graphic novel, to the very end which I almost missed there was a lot to keep you laughing and musing about along the way In this whodunnit mystery, we follow the trails of 10 insects invited to Tortoise Island for a variety of curious reasons Each guest has come along with a different expectation of a weekend at an exclusive, but mysterious mansion on a secluded island.Unfortunately, one by one, they meet an untimely death reminiscent of Agatha Christie s And Then There Were None or Ten Little Indians as it was released in the US Of course they attempt to solve the mystery of individual deaths along the way, but as in any good Agatha Christie novel, the crimes aren t solved completely till the very end in an extremely humorous way 10 Little Insects was launched in Australia by Nicki Greenberg, a very clever Australian writer and illustrator, with an affinity for graphic novels You can read her comments from the launch, and thus understand why she was the ideal candidate to launch the book in Australia Read her comments carefully, especially when she implores try, if you possibly can, to slow down just a tiny bit Linger a little in the wonderful lush landscapes of the i...

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    When 10 little insects receive invitations in the mail to attend an event on the infamous Tortoise Island, they re absolutely ecstatic From the promise of a luxurious singles weekend to the hopes of winning a swimming competition title, these insects all end up on the same fishing boat headed to the Island, but all whilst believing they re headed there for different events When the boat swiftly drops them off on the Island s edge, the story suddenly turns dark and mysterious The insects slowly start dying in unpredictable ways and no one on the Island can seem to figure out who the culprit is The story takes the reader through countless different scenarios of who the killer could possibly be, all while constantly keeping them on their toes with plot twists hidden on every page.This graphic novel is laid out like a comic book, with ...

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    10 little insects is a laugh out loud graphic style novel for children The story is about ten different bugs that have crazy mysteries pop up in their lives They play detective to find out what happened The story takes twists and turns as you get to know all of the little bugs The story is great for middle aged children...

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    Boy, interesting read We re actually going through our 3rd read of this in less than 24 hours With an almost 6 year old Compelling storyline.Amusing artwork.Great presentation It s my fault for not giving this a full read at the library before bringing it home The plot is really dark spoiler alert Yeah, every insect dies My son has chosen to skip over a few panes where the doctor...

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    This was an odd little graphic novel Our library has it in the J Fiction section, which is probably appropriate for older kids The premise, as you might guess, is a riff on Agatha Christie s Ten Little Indians...

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    Bizarre, interesting retelling of the Agatha Christie mystery Ten Little Indians Ten insects are lured to a secluded island by different means Once there they are murdered one by one and the survivors frantically try to kee...

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