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    It appears, my life is fated to torment My way is dammed up grief and distressMy life has been severed from fun and enjoyment,Vexation and wounds are afflicting my chestIt seems I m fated to suffer from painAll I have in this life are bad luck and misfortune I have suffered enough in this life and againBoth my body and my soul have been put to the tortureWhat have I been doing with my life Why haven t I foun...

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    Absolutely the best poetry, if read in Russian Brings tears to my eyes every time I read Esenin.

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    I am not fan of a poetry, but I do love Yesenin s works For me he is the best His poems are very emotional and deep The poem A letter to a woman made me cry.

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    At lsam da, s x nt ke irs m d yen m nDoda mda t b ss m bax ram dan yerin.M n yax n, sevimli oldu uy un r kd nYer std ki h yata minn tdaram yen m n.

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    ,,view spoiler , , , , ,, , , ,,,view spoiler , , , , ,, , , ,, , .1923 hide spoiler Yesenin s poem is about losing sanity soul searching, Husky s about unrequited love bleak life Fits well

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    , ,White is the sweatshirt, and red is the sash,I m picking the poppies beginning to flush.Her heart, like a poppy, is blooming along.It isnt for me that she s singing the song Sing, old man In the fateful sphereOf these hands is a fated end.Tell them all to f out of here.I will never be dead, my friend ,, , ,White is the sweatshirt, and red is the sash,I ...

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    La poesia di Esenin poteva irritare, mandare in bestia, far esultare, secondo i gusti Ma essa poteva lasciare indifferente solo l uomo disperatamente indifferente e incapace di percepire Che dire, la prima volta che l ho aperto ho trovato la poesia Ho chiesto oggi al cambiavalute , e non ho potuto fare a meno di comprarlo.Esenin capace di trasmetterti i suoi sentimenti in una maniera unica, siano essi la malinconia per i campi di segale, l a per le donne persiane, o il dolore per il te...

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    I just recently got into poetry, and I am so glad I started with Yesenin s work Absolutely beautiful, depressing at times, but still beautiful Recommend it to everyone

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