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The Colombo BayIn The Face Of Killer Storms, Fires, Piracy, And Terrorism, Container Ships The Length Of City Blocks And Than A Dozen Stories High Carry 90 Percent Of The Worlds Trade This Is An Account Of One Ship S Voyage And Of The Sailors Who Daily Risk Their Lives To Deliver Six Million Containers A Year To United States Ports Alone Inside These Twenty Foot And Forty Foot Steel Boxes Are The Thousands Of Imports From Chinos And Game Boys To Garlic And Frozen Shrimp Without Which North America S Consumer Society Would Collapse.To Explore This Little Known And Dangerous Universe Of Modern Seafaring, Richard Pollak Joined The Colombo Bay In Hong Kong And Over The Next Five Weeks Sailed With Her And Her 3,500 Containers Across The South China Sea, The Indian Ocean, The Mediterranean, And The Atlantic En Route, This Mammoth Vessel Called At Singapore And Colombo, Passed Through The Suez Canal Toll 250,000 , Then Put In At Malta And Halifax Before Tangling With Hurricane Karen On The Two Day Run To New York Here Is The Story Of The Ship S Unheralded Twenty Four Man Company Of The Unflappable British Captain, Peter Davies, A Veteran Of Four Decades At Sea Of Federico Castrojas, Who Like The Rest Of The Hard Working Filipino Crew Must Daily Confront The Loneliness Of Being Away From His Family For Nine Months At A Stretch Of Simon Westall, The Twenty One Year Old Third Mate, Who Reveals What It Is Like To Be Gay In The Broad Shouldered World Of The Merchant Service.It Is A World Where Pirates In The Malacca Strait Sneak Up Behind Ships At Night In Fast Power Boats, Then Clamber Aboard And Either Rob The Unarmed Sailors At Gunpoint And Escape Into The Dark Or Throw The Crewinto The Sea And Hijack The Ship, Plundering Her Cargo And Sometimes Repainting Her And Setting Out To Do Business Under Another Name And Flag It Is A World Where Families Desperate To Get To The United States Or Europe Pay Thousands Of Dollars To The Chinese Snakeheads And Other Criminal Gangs, Who Secrete These Wretched Migrants In Stifling Containers After A Week Or At Sea These Stowaways Arrive In The Promised Land Either Starving Or Dead.Pollak Sailed On September 13, 2001, Into A Changed World, On One Of 7,000 Container Ships Whose Millions Of Uninspected Boxes Suddenly Had Become Potential Trojan Horses In Which Terrorists Could Transport Weapons Of Mass Destruction Into The Heart Of The United States.Throughout His Riveting Narrative, Pollak Interweaves The Insights Of Herman Melville And Joseph Conrad, Whose Masterful Portrayals Of Seafaring Make The Voyage Of The Colombo Bay A Dramatic Reminder Of What A Hard And Rarely Reported Life Merchant Seamen Have Always Led Out On The Unhooped Oceans Of This Planet.

[Epub] ➢ The Colombo Bay ➣ Richard Pollak – Playutopia.us
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • The Colombo Bay
  • Richard Pollak
  • English
  • 22 June 2019
  • 9780743200738

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    I found this book to be riveting and informative If you have any interest in the way things work or the impact of transportation on the global economy, this book is guaranteed to hold your interest Pollak reminds me of the best of John McPhee, high praise, indeed.

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    If you d asked me whether I d be excited in regard to a book about cargo ships, I d have looked at you funny But, I d have been making a hasty and ill informed judgment.Like the stranger at a party who captures your interest in a never considered before topic by both illuminating it in a way that opens it up fully to you, a neophyte, and by their obvious love of the story, and gift in the telling, Dick Pollak s The Colombo Bay becomes both an exploration of a vital part of our daily lives whether we know it or not , a story of character and characters, and an invigorating tale, all in one book.We do get pirates, trafficking in human being, containers being used to hold suspected terrorists, and the global conflict in the post 9 11 world we do get the lingering disorientation, or perhaps aptly, sudden focus on dread possibilities brought about by the September 11th attacks But we also get beautifully rendered descriptions, such as when Dick gets to use a phone of a P O Nedlloyd employees to phone his wife back in New York, and feeling like he s abusing the privilege, write...

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    Containers have been of interest to me since I realized their impact on world trade and then saw them used as shops by the locals and dwellings by the US military in Afghanistan a few years ago And, now I think of it, the roll on roll off thousand foot ship that took me from Hawaii to Texas, through the Panama Canal, in the mid 1990s on an Army exercise I was free to roam the ship, from the engine room to the bridge, and found it and the sea fascinating My recent reading started with The Box How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger, by Marc Levinson Too much detail for me, but it gives us a good understanding of how we got from there no containers to here almost nothing but containers in just a few decades.I then read Ninety Percent of Everything Inside Shipping, the Invisible Industry That Puts Clothes on Your Back, Gas in Your Car, and Food on Your Plate, by Rose George More pieces to the puzzle Can t put my finger on why too long since I read it , but I found the...

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    What it is like to ride a container ship from Hong Kong to NYC A long, slow trip There were some surprising things I learned from this book a Profits A container ship does not generate a huge return on investment These are very expensive to operate, the shipping companies have to bid on jobs, and competition is fierce Not a lot of money to be made in this business.b Pirates Why not hire armed guards when sailing through pirate infested waters Reason Cost The shipping industry can afford the losses than they can afford the cost of protection.c Flags Vessels can operate under flags of many nations, the Flag of Choice FOC costs much less from some countries vs others, and the laws vary, too On a US flagged vessel, the rules are stringent, and the crews must be treated according to US regulations On a FOC from some obscure place, the crews can and often are treated horribly On ships that are far from safe.d Rescues at Sea Customs are that you stop to rescue survivors if you are in the area of an incident If you do, it turns out that you are then responsible for the people you have taken on board Meaning, until you can deliver them to a port that will accept them Which may be a big problem for you, the rescuer, if the port refuse...

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    Pollak, a journalist interested in covering the unseen work of container ships, takes a trip on one That would be interesting enough, but Pollak starts his trip planned for several months two days after 9 11 The result is a paean to the sailors and port workers who handle commercial business as well as a sobering look at the security issues involved in modern container shipping.This book hit two of my big appeal factors travelogues about extreme trips and a focus on big engineering feats Pollak mixes in descriptions of his trip with merchant marine history, excerpts from Melville and Josep...

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    Like The Box, I was inspired to read this book by reading William Gibson s Spook Country Pollak s book is compulsively readable, a travelogue of his journey from Hong Kong to New York on the containership Colombo Bay The book is balanced evenly between Pollak s equally skillful descriptions of sailing on the behemoth ship and getting to know its crew and his fascinating excursions into relat...

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    If you have no interest in ships of any sort, I still recommend this fascinating look into the life of a cargo ship crew Riddled with history, shocking facts, and personal stories of those aboard the huge Colombo Bay container ship.

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