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Coming HomeBorn In Colombo, Judith Dunbar Spends Her Teenage Years At Boarding School, While Her Beloved Mother And Younger Sister Live Abroad With Her Father When Her New Friend Loveday Carey Lewis Invites Judith Home For The Weekend To Nancherrow, The Carey Lewises Beautiful Estate On The Cornish Coast, It Is Love At First Sight She Falls In Love Too With The Generous Carey Lewises Themselves With Their Generosity And Kindness, Judith Grows From Naive Girl To Confident Young Woman, Basking In The Warm Affection Of A Surrogate Family Whose Flame Burns Brightly But It Is A Flame Soon To Be Extinguished In The Gathering Storm Of War And Judith Herself Has Far To Travel Before At Last Coming Home.

!!> PDF ⚦ Coming Home ✐ Author Rosamunde Pilcher – Playutopia.us
  • Paperback
  • 1016 pages
  • Coming Home
  • Rosamunde Pilcher
  • English
  • 02 August 2018
  • 9780340646854

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    I really love Rosamunde Pilcher books I hate how they look like sappy romance novels because somebody put dorky flowers and curlicues all over the cover, but rest assured, they re far from that genre This is one of my particular favorites It follows a girl left in boarding school in England while her family goes to Singapore before, during, and after WWII and goes back and forth between Cornwall, London, and various South Pacific locations It s fairly epic in length I think it clocks in around 1,000 pages, but it s totally fascinating It s certainly not a candy coated perception of war, and there s a fair amount of heartbreak and devastation throughout the course of the novel, but it is certainly a depiction of the triumph of the human spirit Whatever that means.In essence, this is a book I love to read and re read and re read and then read again some when I m wishing I lived ...

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    So, what did she want, above all else Roots, perhaps A home and a family and a place to go to that was forever Belonging I loved taking this wonderful journey with Judith Dunbar from the impressionable age of fourteen in 1935 straight through the years of World War II Judith learns so much about what it means to have a place in the world, a home to return to, loved ones to reunite with and hold close to the heart I couldn t help sympathizing with this young lady when first introduced to her As her mother and young sister prepare to join her father in the distant port of Singapore, Judith is about to begin an adventure of her own as she stays behind to enroll in boarding school She has not been totally abandoned, however, as she has been entrusted to the care of Aunt Louise But the intimidating Aunt Louise is not quite the same as having one s own mother around Aunt Biddy, her mother s sister, is of a go getter type and can be counted on in a pinch as well And then Judith meets Loveday Carey Lewis at St Ursula s, and is introduced to a life quite different from her...

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    I read this when I am craving comfort and familiarity Rosamunde Pilcher s books are like a hot bubblebath You sink into the story and resurface a few hours later feeling refreshed.

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    Did you ever read a 826 page novel and when you closed the back board onto the last page wish that there were another 826 pages to go That is how I felt coming to the end of Coming Home The title of this novel seems infinitely appropriate for me, because reading Pilcher again feels exactly like that Coming Home She makes her settings and her people so real and warm that you want to belong there and to remain listening to the sea and watching the waves crash on a Cornwall beach.It is 1935 and we are introduced to Judith Dunbar, a fourteen year old about to embark on life at boarding school while her parents and little sister, Jess, are living a world away in Singapore Her father works for a British company abroad, and the practice of sending older children to school and leaving them in the care of relatives is not unusual Judith has her father s sister, Aunt Louise, with whom she is to spend holidays, and makes friends with Loveday Carey Lewis, who is to have a huge impact on her life and fortunes.Pilcher writes a very linear novel in Coming Home, taking Judith from 1935 England, when there are only whispers of war, and through the war years into 1945 We watch her grow, experience her loves and her losses and in a style that few other authors can match, we see, feel and touch the world she lives in We hope with h...

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    It has been a little difficult for me to think coherently about what I want to say in this review This is only the second Rosamund Pilcher title I have ever read, and I loved this one as much as The Shell Seekers, for many of the same reasons The writing is not pretentious, the people feel real, everything that happens is described so clearly that I still feel I am in Judith Dunbar s Dower House listening to the rain on the roof.This type of book is a pleasure to read It gives us lovely characters even if their names can be a bit odd.would anyone really call their child Loveday and draws a picture of a time that will never be with us again The story begins in the late 1930 s, and of course the reader knows right away that we will see young Judith around 14 in the first chapter dealing with the trauma of WWII and how it affects her life and the lives of those around her I cried with Judith, worried with her and for her, sometimes wanted to give her a shake, but mostly cheered her on h...

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    This was one of the first Rosamunde Pilcher novels that I read and I have read it multiple times over again, as I have done with many of her books It is the story of war, friendship, loneliness and most of all it is a story of belonging and having a place to call home regardless of where that place actually is a building, a town, a school it is your place, your home Pilcher s books always look like romance novels, and some do have a touch of romance included, but they are so much than that They are sweeping sag...

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    This is possibly my favorite book of all time It follows 14 year old Judith in pre WW II Britain for about 13 years through pre war family disruptions, boarding school where she meets a new friend with an interesting family and a wonderful country house , the war itself as a WREN, which takes her to Ceylon , and back to post war Britain to find missing family and sort out her life I loved every part of it the girl herself, her family and friends, the country house, the romances, the vicarious tra...

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    3.5 StarsComing Home follows the life of Judith Dunbar beginning in 1936, when she is a fourteen year old school girl Born in Ceylon, Judith lives quietly with her mother Molly and her four year old sister Jess in a rented house in Cornwall, England Now, Jess s father has written from Ceylon, telling his wife that he s been promoted, they ll be moving to Singapore and it s time she and Jess returned to him Judith is left behind, at boarding school, and this is where her rather lonely life takes a turn for the better Befriended by the wealthy, charming and willful Lo...

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    When looking at the cover of this novel I had no idea that I, being male, would ever enjoy this story Boy was I wrong I fell in love with the characters and the setting of this timeless piece of art I sometimes consider myself a literary snob and was looking for something completely different to read I now rank this book right up there as one of the most absorbing and emotional reads I have come across in a long while For a previous reviewer who wrote this is poorly written, I would beg to differ The prose and the dialogue are well scripted and structered Coming Home is a feast and a delight which i shall not soon forget I m looking forward to the day I re read this blessing of a novel and rejoin the colorful cast of characters who made me proud, laugh, and, embaressingly enough, at times brought tears to my eyes I wanted to jump right into the novel and join this cast, especially the heroine which pleasan...

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    This EPIC audiobook 40 hours has earned the distinction of being my favorite listen of all time I fell in love every time I listened and almost cried when it ended Outstanding OUTSTANDING

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