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RemakeWhat Happens When You Try To Find Not Only Meaning But Pattern And Form In Seventy Years Of A Life It S Not A Simple Process Of Chronological Remembering It Entails A Remake, To Capture Not Facts But The Contents Of Those Facts, The Feelings Of A War Time Child, The Textures Of Her Clothing, The Tastes And Smells, The Tones And The Touch Of Her Mother, The Felt Absence Of Her Father, And The Gradual Transformation Into Womanhood The Facts Are Simple Birth In Geneva Bilingual Childhood In Brussels, Then London And Liverpool Work In Intelligence At The Bletchley Park Decoding Centre During The War Marriage Oxford London Literary Journalism The Emergence Of The Novelist But What Do Facts Add Up To Remake Is An Autobiographical Novel With A Difference It Uses Life Material To Compose A Third Person Fiction, Transformed In An Experiment Whose Tensions Are Those Of Memory Distorting And Partial Checked By A Rigorous And Sceptical Language Which Probes And Finds Form Underlying The Wayward Impulses And Passions Of The Subject Remake Is A Fascinating And Original Book By One Of Our Finest Modern Novelists.

!!> KINDLE ➛ Remake ❥ Author Christine Brooke-Rose – Playutopia.us
  • Paperback
  • 172 pages
  • Remake
  • Christine Brooke-Rose
  • English
  • 14 November 2019
  • 9781857542226

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    Bifografy is always part fiction, John continues First in the singulative birth, then in the iterative background, then in the singulative splits Inchoherent inchoative, incognitially punctuated A situation, an event, another situation Hero meets donor, is tested, receives a magical auxiliary, brains for instance, is translocated to fight this or that dragon and returns incognition to perform another impossible task like emptying a river with a sieve, for recognition, then the whole cycle can start again and does, the recognition of desire being the desire of recognition Lack on Pretty redundant, eh Pretty how Redundant.Yes A joke Sorry But girls in fairy tales are never hereoes, girls must be either Cinderellas or marry the prince, girls are a statue, a tower prisoner, a block of ice, a pillar of salt, a deep sleep until a man comes alongNeither men nor mentors can endure othernessMentors are sometimes tormentorssometimes mentowersthe last of the mentors, never like one of the toppled but a tower of strength not a tour de force Christine Brooke Rose was asked to write an autobiography by Carcanet and her first reaction was an unequivocal Non, pas du tout Serend...

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    Remake is a canny k nstlerroman written with CB R s usual pronounsense and experimental lan Narrated by the Old Lady from her retirement, and filtered through various text twitterers named John, CB R is Tess in this tale, and the action scopes largely on her childhood and wartime experiences, speeding through her flourishing as an academic and novelist, honing on the hardships Apart from the moving third chapter PRO NOUNS about her mother the nun s death in a convent, the story uses a third person detachment, and compacts the facts of her life into no nonsense punny pr cis Any re imagining of her life is a fiction, a remake, so CB R becomes by proxy a character in her own fiction Wry amusement and caustic wit is the pervading tone, along with a sharp unsentimental eye for the emotional bumps in her life dumped suitors, escaped husbands , but the overall effect of the book is to make a fiction, forge a narrative from the chaos, to impose a shape on the unshapeable data of her life In her own words Memory is necessarily self centred For other people are fogs, alter ego et galore Memory does not reconstruct points of view, only personal reactions,...

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    A 70 year old woman, a fiction though some biographical facts are in line with CBR, looks back on life through a fictional character named Tess, written by Christine Brooke Rose and read by a reader, both who also are fictional accounts In this, Bifografy it is made clear that any biography must be a fiction comprised of fictional pieces glued and mortared together to create a convincing whole but in the end a betrayal The subject, as with any friend or otherwise we claim to know must be a betrayal since there is no way to know them We witness their public behaviors and crafted, conscious or otherwise, personas but have little encounter with the reality of the complexities of their selves and if we do it is run through the sieve of our own distortions of memories and prejudices in part constructed to balance our own personas reflected through that of others Remake is then a remake of CBR s life by CBR Tess from an early age is abandoned by her father and emotionally abandoned by her mother, who like Tess is often, mostly elsewhere Ear...

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    Top 5 CB R status cemented If you re looking for CB Rs worth your time, do NOT skip this one Astonishing accomplishment.

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    A proper review to come hopefully tomorrow But, for now, I will simply say this is a masterpiece not just in the construction of its many marvellous sentences, but in the rigorous honesty and self criticism with which she remakes her past Facts are meaningless, unless reconstructed by experience Reconned Or remakes of old records, putting in the cracks of verisimilitude Isn t life a story No A story is arranged Life is a file A lot of files, mostly erased, the diskette to be copied erasing the diskette receiving the copy The old lady can barely admit, let alone reconstruct, the retarded mental and physical age of Tess at sixteen, the ignorance, the innocence, the non connecting of things, the permanent being elsewhere, not the elsewhere of religion or art or grand designs, but a haze, a fog Memory can quantum along from notion to notion The meetings of particles are events and vice versa But memory is not an accel...

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    CBR s novelistic autobiography of 1996, recreating her life as Theresa Blair Hayley , and brekign off to debate directorial points with John , an authorial device engaged in debate with the old lady who is constructing Tess life.The first surprise is to realise that all those potted biographies that go born in Geneva, educated at Oxford conceal a background of genteel poverty, of only just being on the border of the respectable set Mummy had to take her 2 girls back to living in Britain in 1936 after Daddy died and they weren t expecting to get any education past 16 first she had 2 years doing office jobs in Liverpool, then joining up in the WAAF, getting sent to Bletchley Park because of her knowledge of German The 2 chapters set in BP , which include the disappointment of her misguided 1st marriage, are superb the affair with an American lawyer is referred back to again in Life, End Of ten years later CBR Tess is one of the many thousands of ex service men and women to benefit from the new government s generosity with univer...

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    Margaret Drabble, in her introduction to the British edition of Thoughts of Sorts by Georges Perec, has this to say about CBR, who was a friend of hers I thought the increasing number of CBR fans on GR might be interested The text is Drabble s but I m happy for someone to paste my transcription to a appropriate thread if they like Geneva born Christine Brooke Rose b.1923 was certainly highly conscious of the OuLiPo group s presence she is bilingual, lived and taught for many years in Paris, and has written novels that deploy a variety of semantic devices More significantly, when planning to write a memoir, she felt compelled to find an alienating persona She told me this, as I recall, in 1991, when we were visiting Bletchley Park together, that home of codes and crossword puzzle addicts, where she had worked during the war with Angus Wilson She said she found it impossible to write, simply, in the first person She eventually solved this by referring to herself in Remake 1996 as the old lady , as well as employing other concealments and replacements and pseudonyms Bletchley Park, of course, instilled into its workforce a habit of official secrecy that went very deep Although the war occupies only a section of her memoir, mental disciplines acquired during it affected her thereafter I remember at the time be...

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