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El viaje de la nocheOne Of South America S Most Celebrated Contemporary Poets Takes Us On A Fantastic Voyage To Mysterious Lands And Seas, Into The Psyche, And To The Heart Of The Poem Itself Night Journey Is The English Language Debut Of The Work That Won Mar A Negroni An Argentine National Book Award It Is A Book Of Dreams Dreams She Renders With Surreal Beauty That Recalls The Work Of Her Compatriot Alejandra Pizarnik, With The Penetrating Subtlety Of Borges And Calvino In Sixty Two Tightly Woven Prose Poems, Negroni Deftly Infuses Haunting Imagery With An Ironic, Personal Spirituality Effortlessly She Navigates The Nameless Subject To The Slopes Of The Himalayas, To A Bar In Buenos Aires, Through War, From Icy Scandinavian Landscapes To The Tropics, Across Seas, Toward A Cemetery In The Wake Of Napoleon S Hearse, By Train, By Taxis Headed In Unrequested Directions, Past Mirrors And Birds, Between Life And Death Night Journey Reflects A Mastery Of A Traditional Form While Brilliantly Expressing A Modern Condition The Multicultural, Multifaceted Individual, Ever In Motion Displacement Abounds A Medieval Tabard Where A Pelvis Should Be, A Lipless Grin, A Beach Severed From The Ocean In One Poem Nomadic Cities Whisk Past In Another, Smiling Cockroaches Loom In A Visiting Mother S Eyes Anne Twitty, Whose Elegant Translations Are Accompanied By The Spanish Originals, Remarks In Her Preface That The Book S Indomitable Literary Intelligence Subdues An Unspoken Terror Helplessness Yet, As Observed By The Angel Gabriel, The Consoling Voice Of Wisdom, Only By Accepting The Journey For What It Is Can One Discover Its Hidden Splendor, The Invisible Center Of The Poem As Readers Of This Magnificent Work Will Discover, This Is A Journey That, Because Its Every Fleeting Image Conjures A Thousand Words Of Fertile Silence, Can Be Savored Again And Again.

[PDF / Epub] ☃ El viaje de la noche Author María Negroni – Playutopia.us
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • El viaje de la noche
  • María Negroni
  • English
  • 12 October 2019
  • 9780691090986

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    To write is a risk One setsout, not knowing why Or rather, in her motionlessnomadry, from cell to cell, lost in the oscillating face ofnight, the traveler pursues signs as if pursuing her ownsemblance in the semblance of absence, withoutrecognizing her home, that dark and immense andquiet cave standing in the depths of the self, which hasnever moved Ah, still so much pride in what I write Somuch haste, overlooking the changeless, ignoring theneed to die into learning I, the beggar on everyjourney Constant passenger in the cage of time.Hunter of my oldest soul, my frailest, most fertilesentiment I who unravel my frayed memory, goadedby a talent for incessant questioning, an incessantnostalgia for the invisible design What to expect fromthe cursive city Astrologers teach it on the outskirts Itis practiced by those who hunt for the grave of yourshadow, where loving is easier Those who yearn foryour silence as I do, for those white horses galloping inyour night dreams, as if...

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    This is a great book Unfortunately I do not understand that much of Spanish this is a bilingual edition but I felt that if I did, the poems would have had a different emotional impactWith that said, it is a gorgeous book, and has many blissful moments.Here s a taste Autumn Skies You have changed, but you bear the sign The sign What sign We used to call it the mark of Cain HERMANN HESSEWho would have expected Maggie to arrive like this,in the midst of this solitary rain, with silence intacton her forehead and that thirst that made her sobeautiful She sits in the precarious lamplight, facingme, in the same study where we read Demian, MySister and I, The Human Condition A victory in herface it has been sacked She looks at me and Itremble, as if she could inflame the invisible lines ofmy body, leave me at the mercy of something Icannot define Not even a blind, urgent sun, somberaccomplice, could lash me like this Now as then, notknowing exactly what I m saying, I ask Do you think I can She is lit by a flash as if overflowing with chaos ,smiles wickedly, and spreads the wings of a silencethat contains islands, astonishment, the murmur ofbooks to come, revolt and its inescapable price,illusory flights from myself, fear of domestic bliss that is, that huge glittering riddle my life Then shevanishes.And then, from afar, from a country creaking withcold and shipwrecks, tides and reflux, from a spaceutterly devoted to the impossible, gathering one byo...

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    stars reflect the spanish.it took a little while for me to get into the rhythm of this collection of dream poems, but once i got into the flow of it, it was a delight this is something i would be interested in buying to reread and reference the translation is serviceable but doesn t convey the music and disjunct of the original as much as i would like this might be the first book of spanish poetry which i ve read mostly in spanish, using the english mainly as a check on my mental translation, so i m not sure how this would read for so...

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    Maria dice cosas como esta, Objetos que tal vez puedas amar hasta volverlos, tambie n, invisibles , Los nin os y yo, apoyados contra el balco n, miramos todo muertos de tristeza , y tambien a veces decrera lineas como esta Escribir es un riesgo y es que en todos los poemas, no hace mas sino contarnos ese riesgo de vivir, que no es mas que escribir para alguien que ...

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    Some beautiful moments Magical images Occasionally breathtaking But, throughout, this book is tough going.My Spanish is quite rudimentary but I m guessing that some of this is due to problems in the original itself That being said, and, again, I am no authority this seems to me to be a very weak t...

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    Este libro es un trasiego por ciudades, ausencias, reversos de la noche y espejos realmente desgarrador e inspirador El imaginario de Mar a Negroni no tiene nada que envidiarle al de Pizarnik, de hecho la precisi n, belleza y dolor de ambas son tan semejantes como nica...

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    consider ourselves lucky that we have it in English Yes Could the translation be better Always.

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    I wasn t convinced by every poem but the ones that worked for me were so so good I love this book a lot I printed one of these to hide in my wallet so I can reread it when I need it.

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