➵ Bending the Landscape: Original Gay and Lesbian Science Fiction Writing Download ➾ Author Nicola Griffith – Playutopia.us

Bending the Landscape: Original Gay and Lesbian Science Fiction WritingTerrifyingly Possible Gay And Lesbian Sci Fi Stories From The Best New And Established Writers In The FieldEdited By World Renowned Lesbian Fantasy Author Nicola Griffith And Fantasy Publisher Stephen Pagel, This Groundbreaking Anthology Of All Original Science Fiction Stories Brings Together Some Of Mainstream S And Sci Fi S Most Notable Writers Gay And Straight Creating Worlds Where Time And Place And Sexuality Are Alternative To The Empirical Environment Keith Hartman S Sex, Guns And Baptists Gives A Disturbing View Of The World If Christian Fundamentalists Continue To Gain Political Ground Ralph Sperry S Delightful Aliens In On Vacation Are Refreshingly Similar To Us Shy Workaholics, Exasperated Lovers, Good With Machines Ellen Klages Takes A 90s Dyke Back Forty Years To 1950s San Francisco, Discovering She Is Alien To The Lesbians Of The Time.This Group Of Talented Newcomers And Award Winning Genre Veterans Include Mark W Tiedemann, Charles Sheffield, Carrie Richerson, Keith Hartman, Nancy Kress, L Timmel Duchamp, And Many Others.

➵ Bending the Landscape: Original Gay and Lesbian Science Fiction Writing Download ➾ Author Nicola Griffith – Playutopia.us
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Bending the Landscape: Original Gay and Lesbian Science Fiction Writing
  • Nicola Griffith
  • English
  • 09 June 2017
  • 9780879518561

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    I read this in my usual way of reading anthologies all the way through, without skipping This method has benefits and drawbacks, and it ended here with a read I really liked overall I wouldn t say any of these stories were badly written I wouldn t say that I enjoyed them all to the same degree Below are my impressions in order of appearance ratings are numbers of stars out of 5.Sex, Guns, Baptists 2 stars I felt the characters to be clearly developed through behaviors word choices, which was good I didn t see the world building handled as well, though it started strong with the subbing in of Catholicism for a pink triangle If you like private investigator Half in Love With Easeful Rock and Roll 4 stars I started out disliking it on the introduction, but changed my mind with the first paragraph Solid and evocative language, characters, and setting made this one a keeper The poem fragments threw me off my rhythm a little, but I still enjoyed myself.Powertool 1 star This felt to me like a story one either gets or doesn t, and I m in ...

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    I can t possibly say something about every tale in this collection, but I will say it was phenomenal in general A few really blew me away, however, like Klage s Time Gypsy was one of the best of the lot a time displaced physicist sent back in time to the very oppressive 50 s on a very specific mission, but finds love might mess up the plans not to mention her only ticket back home to a accepting time Wonderfully written this one really kept my interest and made me sad to see it endO Malley s Silent Passion was heartbreaking, wonderful, and very very touching about a man and his deaf lover, who live on a world where the aliens present make such noise as would destroy the sense of hearing of anyone actually listening to it Being torn between family, love, truth and lies of omission is just the start of this fabulous tale, and the alien extrapolation and metaphors are just astounding The gentleness of the love in this story made me all teary eyed I believe this ...

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    When this collection of 21 science fiction stories was published in 1998, it would not have surprised anyone reading it that most of the visions of non heterosexuality in the future or on other worlds would be primarily dark The world wasn t a friendly place if you identified as gay or lesbian, and things did not seem to be changing any time soon so of course the vision of the future might be extremes of your life currently or a look back at history for a model of what the next century or might become In 2017 18 when I read this anthology it felt sad because regardless of the most current attempts to set back progress, there has been some in certain parts of the world.Most of the stories focus on human interactions just in different futures or pasts and on different worlds Sexuality is there in the story but it is never explicit nor usually erotic Being gay or lesbians is part of a character s identity, often a very important part but how much the stories dealt directly with that varied far than I was expecting I noticed that when sexual orientation was the focus of the plot, the stories tended to be depressing, downers by and large.I didn t hate any of the stories in the collection but some really stood out to me such as Time Gypsy by Ellen Klages and Free in Asveroth by Jim Grimsley, two stories quite different from each other yet full of powerful emotions and believabl...

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    Reread A Real Girl by Shariann Lewitt for a Challenge featuring a robot What a delight Also reread the story Sex, Guns and Baptists by Keith Hartman, which is fun 9 29 14 I was thrilled by this anthology On Vacation by Ralph A Sperry is about a couple who ve been together for hundreds of years going on vacation in Nantucket They share a house with a Dad and his young son, all are delighted with the arrangement A Real Girl by Shariann Lewitt is about a robot who trades in her immortality to become human State of Nature, by Nancy Kress is about an enclave where rich people live to be safe while the rest of the country has descended into lawlessness The Flying Triangle is about three gay spacers who band together to start a company salvaging space junk, only to come across what they think is a dead weat...

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    Where WAS I when this was published Where has it BEEN my whole life So what if I was ten and deeply ensconced in a conservative Evangelical Christian bubble when it was sent forth into the universe I SHOULD HAVE NOTICED And my life would have been much, much better Immediately Three...

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    This was one of the first lgbt books I ever read it was a revelation Great introduction to some very good authors.

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    A good anthology An interesting mix of stories about gay and lesbian people in the future, with some really awesome ones I loved Ellen Klages Time Gypsy time travel lesbian scientists addressing the suppression of women s science except for its terrible title, and Elisabeth Vonarburg s Stay Thy Filght is really cool, and The anthology does show its age, not just in the ideas of future tech space habitation and fax machines but in the number of futures wher...

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    Short story anthologies are always a bit uneven, but this had than the typical number of excellent pieces The stories were from a wide variety of authors and were written particularly for this collection As the editors describe it, they wanted each writer to imagine a different landscape different in place, time, or attitude , including an Other And the Other had to be a lesbian or a gay man These guidelines resulted in a wide variety of settings an...

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    GAY ALIEN SEXNow that I got your attention, I will say that the book has gay, has aliens and there is sex but it isn t a Gay Alien Sex book.It is about relationships and I loved the book.None of the sex is explicit.The story of the two gay ...

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    Fiction B4588 v.1

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