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[ Read ] ➲ By the Iowa Sea  Author Joe Blair – Playutopia.us
  • ebook
  • 288 pages
  • By the Iowa Sea
  • Joe Blair
  • 19 June 2019
  • 9781451636079

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    Hoo, boy Where to even begin trying to describe BY THE IOWA SEA I believe that Joe Blair s memoir will be a rather controversial book But here s my two cents worth This is a very powerful book I had trouble putting it down, which is good But I felt like a voyeur, and I m not quite sure yet if that s good or bad.BY THE IOWA SEA is perhaps the most utterly human and nakedly candid look at a marriage as any I have ever read I started to call it a troubled marriage, but then I decided I didn t want to pigeonhole it in any way Sure Joe and Deb Blair have got their troubles after eighteen or twenty years of marriage, but doesn t everyone Doesn t that first flame of passion fade for most married folks after that many years hell, even sooner for many And the Blair marriage is made even difficult and problematic by their having to deal with a severely autistic son And Joe Blair s descriptions of what that entails hold nothing back Yeah, they have some outside help, with various therapies, special schools and respite workers, but the truth is and both Joe and Deb are all too aware of this having an autistic child is kind of a life sentence.Joe Blair is a pipefitter He s the HVAC guy that comes to fix your furnace or boiler or air conditioning system The plumber s crack is never specifically mentioned, but judging from some of the contortions ne...

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    Occasionally I come across a book that I m not immediately interested in, but decide to read anyway because I ve heard good things about it I m so glad I decided to give it a try This story of a man and his marriage and family is heart breaking and beautiful, written in such a painfully honest voice that I sometimes cringed as I read I think everyone, at some point in their life, wonders, Is this all there is Can change whether in location or in who you are with, for example be enough to make you happy Blair discovers the answer to that question is complicated than a simple yes or no There were some lines in this book that stopped me and made me put down the book and think for a moment I love a memoir that s viciously honest and Blair does not mince words I...

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    As an Iowan who experienced the same flooded times in our state as Joe did, I appreciated that aspect of this memoir However, the story of Joe s personal life and struggles left me flat Not everyone has an autistic child to raise I have a son with disorde...

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    Remember the opening to the movie Joe vs the Volcano Once upon a time there was a guy named Joewho had a very lousy job Allow me to cut to Once there was a guy named Joewho had a very lousy job and what he thought was a lousy life a dead end marriage and a tiring job as a father When I first read the blurbs for this book, I was eagerly anticipating reading it Now that I have, I m a bit flummoxed I honestly don t know how to rate it I finished this in less than a day so clearly the man can write and is able to pull a reader in The first several pages I was excited, intrigued He was thoughtful, bordering on profound.Several pages later, I think I d changed my mind This wasn t anything special It was the musings of some whiney, bored, approaching middle age man who thinks he s made a mistake and is now missing out on something.Another 10 pages, I m hurting for him as I can t even imagine what it must be like to try and parent a severely autistic child knowing things will never change, he ll never outgrow this He ll be a compulsive, unreachable child forever despite his growing in years and size and strength After 10 years of that, how could one not feel stuck, trapped, mired and question one s choices leading up to that point.But then again, it will flip and I m no longer sympathizing I m irritated.So trying to pinpoint my feelings regarding this man s story of his life is as elusive as trying to give it any sort of rating I think Mr Blair a gi...

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    By the Iowa Sea is a rattling and at times disturbingly accurate story of a man who has stumbled into the middle of his life with only questions to show for his existence Ripped of frills, Blair constructs simple prose that hide within them a special clarity in the face of both natural and personal disasters Readers will find beauty in the small town monotony and many will relate to the internal ...

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    I picked up this book because I m an Iowa native with an interest in writing about life on the floodplain I was disappointed to find that these aspects were very peripheral to Blair s lackluster story of parenthood and marriage Blair surprises and provokes sympathy with his frank accounts of life with an autistic son, but that too is peripheral Center stage is really his struggle with marital infidelity Sure, infidelity s a complicated facet of the human experience You and me and everyone we know has some story of it to tell But Blair wants us to hold his hand through it, as if his is the first story anyone s told about men feeling victimized from their own miscommunication with women By injecting some lyricism about the Iowa landscape and flooding into his narrative, Blair attempts to cast a poetic sheen on his personal life, and as a result, prop up an apology or sympathy by way of metaphor But the symb...

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    There was moment when I worried that this episodic, semi impressionistic, evocative and beautifully written memoir was going to lapse into a middle age man apologia for infidelity, which I have no interest in hearing, but Joe Blair quickly rights the ship though he does nearly destroy his marriage and lose his family of four kids And, despite because of a willingness to expose his darkest, most unappealing thoughts and feelings, Blair definitely emerges from this surprisingly engrossing, mostly charming journey as a Good Guy Which is fine He is a good guy, it seems Also a terrific writer, from New England, who happens to wind up fixing air conditioners in small town in Iowa for a living And one of his sons, Michael, is profoundly autistic and requires an enormous amount of parental attention and patience So the...

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    For the 2017 Book Riot Read Harder ChallengeRead a book that is set within 100 miles from your location

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    Not sure exactly how I feel about this memoir Joe is a man who had big dreams of living a vagabond lifestyle, where he would never cave in to convention, never settle down Joe meets Deb and they jump on a motorcycle and head west from Massachusetts with 7000 hidden in a gym sock They run out of money in Iowa and buy a small house Deb becomes pregnant and within six years, they have four children one of whom is severely autistic Joe supports his family with his heating and cooling business and the years roll by Joe and Deb begin to argue Joe begins to feel restless with his small life, pressured by the demands of his family and job and caring for his special needs son Predictably, he has an affair and things come to a head At this same time, days and days of rain lead to the massive flooding of the Iowa River.Part of me thought Joe was selfish and childish and needed a swift kick in the butt The other part sympathized who hasn...

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    When you read a memoir, you don t need to love the type of person the author is You don t need to think he or she has stellar character What matters is the voice of the author and their motivation for telling their story I ve read two memoirs within the past few months this one and Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs The two books could not have been different Whereas Running with Scissors was a boastful and showy attempt at shocking readers, what struck me about By the Iowa Sea is its utter humility and simplicity Joe Blair is a man who seems to recognize his failings, if sometimes only in retrospect He is someone with a severely autistic child and this fact is something that weighs on him and chisels away at his hope and his happiness I don t think he s written this book to invoke sympathy, as some reviewers suggest He s writing to share something of himself I loved this book And I m willing to f...

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